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Reapercon 2022 excitement thread!


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22 hours ago, Corsair said:

Fund day and a great Con. Wrapped up my part of it tonight about 6, picked up Lady C, got Chinese take out and now back to relax. Ran a couple of demo games of Stargrave, painted some minis and met a lot of folks from the Forum. Sorry for those I didn't get to meet.

It was great to get to meet you and chat a little bit! I'm sorry we weren't able to get a game in, that would have been nice. There's just so much to do all the time at Reapercon, I always seem to miss something cool. Here's hoping we can throw some dice next year!  :winkthumbs:

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13 hours ago, Adrift said:

When your flight back to Atlanta is delayed twice, you break out the set up at the DFW airport and paint at a bar. 



Duergar are not gonna painthemselves!! Always a fun time seeing you, @chaosscorpion & everyone else at ReaperCon.


10 hours ago, Inarah said:

Home safe. Rolled into the driveway just before 10pm.  Aside from the brief rain in the Denton area it was easy driving.  The cat is sooooo happy to see us....




Thank you once again for the lift over to the MnG this year.


Currently, awaiting boarding time for Boise at PHX. Baggage check line for SW at DAL was a broccoli this morning!

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4 hours ago, klarg1 said:

Agreed. There were only 2-3 people ahead of me in line in terminal E.


Apparently, we’re the only people leaving DFW today.


That's cause they were all using southwest at Love!


Finally home after a slight delay in PHX.

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In Seattle. Next stop is home! 


In keeping with this year's unintended theme of "unexpectedly relying on the awesomeness of other people because of plan changes," a friend of mine said she can pick me up from the airport.


I legit forgot to make arrangements ahead of time, since MrBoot is usually able to pick me up. He's out of town visiting family this weekend, and this fact didn't connect with the "location of our vehicle" fact in my sleep-deprived brain earlier lol. 



--OneBoot 🙂

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