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Some time ago, I don't know when, I nabbed the files for this 28mm lighthouse model from Thingiverse. I've just now (over the last month or so, anyway) got around to printing them on my Ender 3, and now I'm starting to paint the thing.


I started by priming everything black and giving it a pretty heavy dryish-brushing in white, similar to the way I've done this ruin:




Then all of the stonework, both the island itself and the blockwork of the tower, was painted in rough blotches of raw sienna, burnt umber, and a sort of terracotta red-brown. At this stage it looks pretty gaudy and awful (as you can see from the photo below) but the next stage takes care of that.


All of that clown paint is covered in a couple of layers of a black wash, which tones down the colours substantially and ties all the tones together, while leaving enough variation visible to remain visually interesting. 


This leaves all the stonework looking very dark, but there's some dry-brushing to come which will relieve some of that.





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8 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Nice. I like the liberal use of reds in the stone work. 


You can use just about any colours with this technique — blues and greens also work well, and you end up with a different tonal range. I tend to stick with earth shades though.

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Very nice, I like it!


As I've never been to a lighthouse, I am curious how one would apply further realistic weathering to that stone? Apart from erosion, would seawater give a different type of effect you could add colorwise, or possible algae growth?

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Dry-brushing has lightened the stone quite a bit, and pulled out some of the detail again.


Now I've made a beginning on the groundwork. I want it to be quite wild and overgrown eventually, so this is really just a starting point; at the moment it looks more like a bowling green than a weed patch. I'll add some patches down on the horizontal ledges of the island stone as well.


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