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WIP Hexblood Warlock (Liela, Dark Elf Wizard 77121)

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Been a minute since I've posted a WIP, so I figure I'd roughly document my current paintjob.

I'm running a 5e game with a heavy focus on the Shadowfell, and our most recent addition to the party is a native of that realm - a Hexblood or "Hexen" in our game lore. These dark fey are the children of hags - The Mothers Three - and are made from earth, blood, and stolen souls.

Going for a dark but vibrant paintjob - blue skin, and dark clothing.


After priming, I like to block in my darkest colors. It makes it easier for me to avoid missing a hard-to-reach spot later, but without worrying too much if I get some paint where it's not supposed to be.  This method also helps me to visualize and plan out my colors better.

I was instructed to paint her with blue skin, black hair, and dark clothing. I started with the skin. I based with Rich Indigo and plan on working up towards Surf Aqua.  I'm hoping this transition from a more purple-hue in the shadows to a bit of green in the highlight will look interesting, as well as kind of capture the overall color scheme.

I chose a few other colors to sort of represent that scheme and stippled them over the base - Rich Indigo, Deep Ocean, and Carnival Purple. I eventually want the base to look like rocky terrain, but wanted to avoid neutral greys.


Pure Black for the hair and then set about base coating the rest of the mini.


I wanted to avoid all-black or shades of grey in her outfit so dark greens and purples will be used to keep things more colorful. The tattered robes got a mix of Pure Black and Deep Ocean. The fabric wraps are Dark Elf Shadow - hoping to keep the purpleish greys.

I also slapped some Deep Ocean on the gemstone on her staff for a pop of color - will reuse this for other gemstone details.



The base got washed in Pure Black - will play around with some drybrushing later. Metal details also got hit with pure black to work up to some NMM silver.


Settled on Ashen Brown for the bone details. The slightly cooler purple hue should help the bones blend in with the rest of the mini.

Also hoping to use the Ashen Brown to highlight the hair without it looking grey.

Not much to see so far - just some quick basecoating before work this morning. Hoping she turns out as I'm picturing and not just a garish blob.

Side note - this sculpt is one of those earlier Bones sculpts that are quite difficult to pick out details.  I'm inevitably going to paint over some random blob and not notice until later.

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Well, I had a productive evening and finished her.

I tend to start on the skin. In particular, the face and eyes.  My player had specified purple eyes, so I overpainted the eyes to fit in that detail. They're a little cartoony and i made them a bit more pink to stand out against the black pupils, but they work.

I highlighted the skin from Rich Indigo to Dragon Blue to Surf Aqua.  I thought the transition from purpley-blues to greenish blues would look interesting.  I like it, though she does like like a character from Avatar now...

Also started highlighting the dark green cloak.  I wanted the fabric to read as near-black so I tried limiting the highlights to just the edges.  Deep Ocean to Marine Teal.


This is where I really started speeding through the process, and didn't get a lot of in-progress pictures.

Wraps got treated with the Dark Elf Triad - Shadow, Skin, Highlight.  Tried to keep the highlights small to emphasize dark material.

Went back into the robes and added a final highlight with Spectral Glow. Also added some purple patterning just for some extra color.  Carnival Purple highlighted up to Pale Violet Red.

The gemstones on the staff and kneepads got painted with the same colors as the robe - just painted more like gems than cloth.

I decided that the threads holding her clothing and equipment on were thin metal bands, so that, her armor, and weapons got painted with some NMM silver.  Pure black, Pure White, and a bit of Dragon Blue mixed in for interest.


Bones got painted with Ash Brown and highlighted with a mix of Pure White.

Also drybrushed the ground with a mix of Pure Black and Pure White.  Enough of the color shows through to keep it looking too greyscale.


Final details.
Wanted the hair to read as black, so highlighted with a mix of Pure Black and Ash Brown - and highlighted with increasing amounts of Ash Brown.  Feel like I could have done more here, but was fighting with the sculpt and running out of motivation.

Finished up by painting some wood grain on the staff.  Random mixes of Dark Elf Skin, Carnival Purple, and Ash Brown.

I like the final result.  I feel like she looks appropriately "dark" while still being colorful and eye-catching.

She'll end up with proper photos in the Show Off several months from now when I get around to photographing.


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I painted this little lady years ago with blue skin myself...I feel it suits her well. I really like your choice of teal and purple with the cloth. If you decide to go back and revisit the hair (and I can super relate to the feeling of just needing to be done)....I'd suggest adding some deep purple to the shadows and even a  teal mixed with while for the high points to bring in some of your colors to her hair while still reading black. Thanks for sharing...hope to see your final pics in the show off soonish.

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