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Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps (Assets and Hazards)


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25 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Are these the same ones that were kickstarted years ago?


No, but also yes.   Maybe.


These are all hard plastic (polystyrene) which Prodos started, but never completed. I'm guessing that GF9 are leasing the sculpts. 


So the xenomorphs are highly likely to be the direct result of the KS. I think they were starting to show those frames.   I remember seeing the cloaked predators.  The USCMs are probably all sourced from the initial work. 

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And,  because there is nothing quite as boring as boxes,  I present:  MORE BOXES! 








The red crates were done with Fire Red,  Phoenix Red,  and Fire Orange.   The final dry brushing was a little too heavy and they ended up a bit too orange. 


The blue crates were done with Worn Navy,  Soft Blue,  and Heather Blue.   They came out a bit darker than I had wanted.   


But it's all done now! At least the crates,  anyway.  Time to finish the terminals or the sentry guns. 

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Outstanding.  Now all we need is a deck of cards.






I forgot to redo the pistons, but they're all sealed now.  The drybrushing was, once again, a little heavy-handed.  That's Muddy Green, Olive Green, and Pale Olive.


Hudson, run a bypass.






I really kind of lost my way on the terminals.  I started with Foggy Grey for the shell and tables and Nightmare Black for the screens.  I decided that I wanted to dirty things up as the Foggy was just too bright, so hit the terminals with a wash of Earth Brown and a semi-successful drybrush of Leather White to help pick out the keys.  Then quick slash or three with Ghost White across the screens in a vain attempt to simulate static.


Set complete!


Not bad...for a human (if I do say so, myself).

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