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Brush question


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I use brush cleaner on my brushes, even the bad ones. This helps to get any dried paint out. Water won't completely clean your brushes.


With W&N's I suggest conditioning them after every use as well. Someone mentioned hair conditioner to me as a cheap alternative. I wonder how the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle would work. :unsure:

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Yah, all hair is inert/dead material except for a little bit near the follicle. So, once you've made a brush out of it (Sable), you can bet that it's no longer going to have it's natural oils replenished.


Although I've had luck with just water rinses and brush cleaner... mild soap rinses and conditioner are natural extensions from hair care to brush care.


Probably just re-stating the obvious. A weird note on Aussie hair care... dunno how gentle a cleanser it is. If I use it... I end up with Auburn hair vs. the normal brown I'm used to... weird, eh?



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I would't uses dish soap. It would probably take the natural oils out of a natural hair brush. Shampoo might work though.


I use brush soap to wash my brushes, then dip them in hair conditioner, reshape the tips, and set them aside to dry. Seems to work fine and the conditioner dries to protect the tip. Just rinse in water before you start painting to get the conditioner out.

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Dick Blick sells the W&N series 7 locally. They'll allow you to test the brush if you just ask (or at least the one at Town Center does).

I would recommend a size 0. It's a very versatile brush that you can use for about anything. I use this or a 1 for 99% of what I do.

Also, as far as brush cleaners go...W&N brush cleaner all the way. You can be *very* abusive to a brush...over dip, etc..(I'm guilty of ALL brush infractions), and this stuff will still clean the paint off of it. It'll pull paint from the ferrule with a little teasing---after extended drying time. Wonderful stuff. Jen turned me onto it at Reaper Con. It won't harm you brushes, either.







As far a conditioner....I use this stuff:




The masters I let sit on my brushes when they are rest for conditioning. It's a good cleaner as well.



Anyway, I've been through several different kinds----these are the best *I've* found. I'm sure there's other stuff out there.





Oh yea..and FYI...


Here are the miniature series 7s



And the standards



I've used both, I love 'em both. The "0" that I use is a standard.

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I went into a whole thing about how I clean my brushes, having three kinds of cleaners and all. I might be a bit over the top, but it all works really well and I haven't worn out a brush yet. Of course, I've only been doing the "serious" painting with nice brushes for about a year, which isn't much time to use a high-end brush.


Honelsty, I'm a bit afraid of using anything BUT brush cleaners and conditioners on my brushes. What's the point of paying $7.00 for a brush, then pinch pennies taking care of it?

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