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I'd recommend, in no particular order:


First Person Shooter: Doom 3 (if yor system is up to it), FarCry, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942/Vietnam, Unreal Tourney 2004


RPG: Sacred, Temple of Elemental Evil, NWN, Dungeon Siege (in that order)


Real Time Strategy: Rise of Nations + Expansion


Other: GTA: Vice City or Manhunt if your feeling particularly murderous today :devil:



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If you like 3rd ed of D&D I'd highly reconmend Neverwinter Night aside from the three published mods you can down load hundreds of player created as well as play online (and you don't have to pay either) And many of the online servers are have just as good of storylines and quest as games such as Everquest. Plus you can have yer character sit in a chair. Its the lillte details I love :wub:

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Sacred still running on various beta's, but may be getting better.


UT2004, with various mods. Like a bender skin with voices and a persistant RPG mutator with gives you nice bonuses. Great for big map games.


DOOM3, there's a flashlight mod out there 15kb so you don't have to keep switching weapons. Makes it much better.


Impossible Creatures. I'm not a big RTS fan, but this one was fun.


An oldy but a real goody. Try NaturalSelection. An addon for halflife, basically aliens vs marines and much net play around.

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I was somewhat dissappointed by Medieval: Total War. I think it would have been awesome if they would have incorporated feudalism in the model (lets say that each "province" was always auto-defended by 1 unit of knights and 1 unit of urban militia, and they could join attacks 1 province over), but alas no...



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I'm starting to get into Warcraft 3.


My housemate is the no-sh!t queen of that game. She wouldn't play me in FPS deathmatch as I was too good, she was that way with RTS games.


We've both taken a haiatus from those games, and now we're almost at the same level (suffice to say she still hands me my butt in WC3, but at least I can get a few hits in before she turns my forces into some kind of wierd goo).


One of the advantages to WC3 is the Handicap option, so she can 'go easy' on me, as well.


--LSH, give him an MP5 and grenades anyday.

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