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I have an OttLite L139AB Task Lamp for travel painting that is amazing. On my desk I have reduced down to a Phive LED Desk Lamp, Architect Task Lamp but I am starting to get annoyed with it. It's just not bright enough for streaming. 

I'm now looking at those Daylight Company Lamp that @K2h2m3 recommended. But Geesh they are not cheep. The one I think will work for me is Luminos-U35600 and that puppy is $415 🤯

Although, that U35600 would work great and I'm thinking of mounting it to my existing wall mount I have for a boom arm. Might look for alternatives that are cheaper priced. $415 seems unreasonable for LED lighting.

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Okay so after seeing Arc 724's post I went to the Daylight sight to look. Two of my lamps they no longer make and they use 18watt daylight tubes. The replacement for my desk lamp seems to be the Techni artist and drawing lamp. I scored mine for half price at a store closing and I'd be unhappy if I had to replace it. The second one is a portable version that I bought for my wife at half price on evilbay. The third is the smart travel lamp on their site that i bought for about seventy dollars on Amazon for my traveling paint kit. The smart travel lamp is good but nowhere near as bright as the others.

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