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Help Identifying a Mini


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I'm looking to paint this airplane mini I got for a painting contest, but I need some help identifying the plane so I can get as accurate as possible to a realistic paint job.  Problem is, I have no idea who made it. It doesn't have the telltale Reaper stamping and I couldn't find it on the online store, but I do know I got it at either Reapercon 2019 or it was in a virtual Reapercon swag bag, I am leaning towards the former.  I include pictures below, but it appears to have four missiles under each wing and the nose looks like the front is supposed to have a propeller that they didn't sculpt.  It is more important to me to find the real world airplane type so I can accurately paint it, but it would be nice to acknowledge the manufacturer.


Thanks for any help in advanced!





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It is a Vought Corsair.  It's a somewhat later model based on the structure of the canopy and the rockets.  The corsair had a very long, pretty broad life.  The US used them through the Korean War.  France operated them during their colonial wars in the late 50s and early 60s (including Vietnam).  Interestingly, a corsair scored the last piston plane on piston plane air to air victory in the "football war" between El Salvador and Honduras


US Navy

US Marines

UK Fleet Air Arm

France Aeronavale

New Zealand Air Force

Honduras Air Force

Argentine Navy

El Salvador Air Force


Lots of options for painting them.


Ultramarine shadow would probably be a good match for any of the paint schemes they wore in there service.  There's some variations though.  There are area decent number of them in existence still, some of which are operational.  The Smithsonian Air & Space @ Udvar-Hazy Center has a really well preserved specimen.





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Fit it with a radar and paint it up as a F4U-4E or 4N Nightfighter from the Korea period?  


The Prop has a diameter of 13'6" and the aircraft wingspan is just a smidge over 41'. 

So the prop is just a little under a third of the wingspan. 

Early models had a 3bladed design, and later had a 4bladed.  

It should be possible to make one for this aircraft, if you have the patience. 

(And a good set of magnifiers) 


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