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Lord of Chaos Head-taker

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This is a slightly converted piece from MOM Miniatures; I changed out the hand-axes for a freshly severed head, and a custom sword. I made the blade and crossguard; the handle was from some Reaper bits. I'm pretty pleased with this piece, especially considering how unstable my hands felt through a lot of it. There are a couple of things I might work a tad on, but I'm comfortable calling him finished. I'm really pleased with the pictures, they're definitely the best I've ever taken of a miniature!




Thanks for looking!

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Thanks Marsya, Chaoswolf, Glitterwolf, and Iridil for the kind words! I'm also really happy with the verdigris, especially in the eye-sockets of the skulls. Such a fun look! And the sword took more effort than it might seem, but I'm glad I found the right balance of color and darkness. I think it draws some attention, without being the primary focus, which it would have been with a bright, saturated red. Plus, the idea is for it to be some kind of magical blood-obsidian, and I think it's a pretty decent job of something like that.

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