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Stargrave terrain - Quarantine 37

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Am starting a new thread for my projects relating to the new Stargrave Book, Quarantine 37.

These are the carriages that show up in two of the missions.

They are made from the longer "Quest system 1" screw organisers. They are from a Polish company, and available in the UK at screwfix, amazon and other places.

For the floors, I stuck mdf bases on (2 number, 100mm x 50mm, with a renedra plastic base underneath to link together) and covered those in a wallpaper sample. The ends of the carriage are plastic tags, used to connect toddler pajama clothes hangers together.

Primer stuck to the organisers pretty well, and someone better at weathering and washing vehicles could probably get a more battered looking tube train or similar!

Shown with some of the Chronoscope Bones 4 minis for scale. 







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28 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Yeah, I saw these used on youtube but it seems hard to get them in the US.  


Nice work!


I haven't seen the YouTube video. I think they are setting up a US distributor. It would presumably take them a bit of time to get into stores and websites but fingers crossed. 

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