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Demon Lord of Minotaurs (Reaper 77376)


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Sitting on the table drying some glue right now, he's been a slow and scary one for me, and still have a lot to do.  Trying to figure out what I want him to look like is hard, and trying to figure out how to get to that point is even more difficult.  And ugh, that side shot.  Cleanup on a wash overuse there.  Pretty happy with most of the armor plating and the fur so far though, still need to glaze the glued-on bits and finish with his loincloth.  Also pleased with the strapping on his armor.




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Great start!  I just painted this one for a local competition, he has tons of little details.  I like the direction you are taking him!


One thing I ran into was the staff... this plastic they are using is not rigid at all!  It is just long enough that with a small dab of super glue you should be able to make it look straight by attaching the skull piece to the base!  I will try to get pictures of the one I did soon, just got him back from the game store.


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Loincloth is in place, started on augmenting the shoulderguard and basing the weird polearm thing.  One of those things I'm probably overthinking and overworking -- I've put about six glaze coats on the shaft to make it not quite black or brown or red, and it probably won't matter that much anyways, but you can see some residue on the base and skull where it dripped down. 





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