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Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers

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Wanted some sci fi minis and I saw this box of Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers on sale, so I bought it. They've sat in the box since May, as I was a little intimidated at assembling and army painting. Now I feel a bit more confident, so I'm going for it.



Started with basing first. I debated on what theme go to with, but I opted for a desert with warm, Kalahari-like tones. Mixed up a few different sand sizes, added some stones here and there. I noticed the commander has his gun pointed down and it was on the same level as his feet. Rather than drag it through the sand, I made a rock for him to stand on. It's actually made of a hickory nut shell I found in the back yard, sanded slightly for a smooth bottom. I debated whether I should glue the minis before basing or after. I decided for after, so I pressed them into the still-wet PVA and sand to make little footholds. Hopefully I won't regret it. 😄


Primed white, then put down some thinned red before a layer of Marigold Yellow. Drybrushed with various densities of Woodland Brown and Bleached Linen. The rocks got a shot of Dark Highlights before drybrushing. The pic isn't great, but I like the way the texture and color turned out.



Again, potato-quality pic. But you get the idea. Superglued the minis to the bases. Now I'm making decisions about base colors. My palette is fairly limited - I have the starter set from the Layer Up kit, and a starter set of Army Painter D&D paints, as well as a couple Folk Art blues. I'm trying out different color combinations to find what I like. I'm being inspired by the Rebel Pathfinders from Rogue One:

So a lot of khakis and dark blues. Being Rebels, I'll give them a bit of variation in exact color coordination - maybe this one has khaki pants, and that one has brown or navy.


I also want to add at least one non-Human species besides the Duros. I'm thinking either a green-skinned Mirialan, or fuchsia-toned Zeltron.

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