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Grave Kings 1, 2, & 3. Not thrilled.

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It's the weekend, so time to paint!


Paint club chose this week the Grave Kings 1 & 2 from Bones 5.  I was stoked to do these up, but during the painting process I instantly fell out of inspiration and more into just putting paint on the minis.  Not sure what happened, but I lost my enthusiasm for painting them.  Maybe they weren't coming out how I originally intended?  To be fair, I was more just paiting off the cuff than planning it out.  Might have been why I lost mojo.  Either way, time to detail the work.










First up was Ghost King 1 (Floating with the sword)


* Wanted to do something more monochromatic.  Started by working on the cape in grayscale.

* The folds look nice and 'voluminous' and shades came in strong.  No use of washes, which was nice.

* I used the Vallejo Metallic paints mixed with a little blue to cast that deeper color in the metal.  Ended up scaling it up by adding in a little sky grey then up to a little white.  

* I wanted there to be a little color in the mini after I got going, so I dashed in a touch of green: using Khaji in the sleeves, and crotch cloth (whatever that thing is called).  Again, using a layering technique worked pretty well to bring the color forward.

* I really went slowly on this one trying to make the blends smoother.  I think the overall highlights are too bright, but I did learn a great deal by doing more layers by watering the paint down bit by bit.  It felt like progress.

*  Strangely, I also used a size 6 synthetic cheapo brush I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  It kept a point better than some of the other brushes I've been using which shocked me.  



*  Not sure the skull and hands came out the right colors.  They seem a little...off.  I used a brown base and layered up to a bone white.  Open to suggestions here. 

*  I wanted to do a NMM sword and cross, but I couldn't do it.  I struggle sevely with NMM and can't seem to get it.  I went back and just used the metallics to cover up the work.  

* I was unsure of how to do the little tidbits:  Belt, ornament on his chest and waist.  I also wanted to highlight the armor, but was already at a pretty light color and had nowhere to go.  


Skeleton King #2 (crowned)


*  I took aluminum color and added 'rust' wash to it.  Made for an interesting coppery color.  I decided to make the armor that color and when I just did the armor, but the rest of the model was black it looked cool.  As I progressed I hit a problem: I didn't know what color to make the rest of the armor.  

* I tried to dry brush with a light off-white color which helped me see the volumes, but I couldn't do dry brushing elsewhere to pick up all the details.  The good here was seeing how to brush to see volumes.  

* Layred up the face slowly, which has good definition, but also ends up as a loss too because it has a strange look to it.



* As stated in the opening, this got really hard.  I was lost in which colors to use.  I wanted to complement the armor, so I went with an orange cape.  Orange.  I used sulfurous brown and then spiced it up with a little cream.  Do.  Not.  Like.

* Because I used such a bright cape, I needed to pull the color to other areas, so I added it to the ornaments on shoulders, and armor, and sword, and crown, and, and, and. I went overboard.  Looking at this it's just not tied together.

* Do skeletons have tongues?  And if they do, are they pink?  Well, mine is.  Looks weird.


Skeleton #3 (axe dude)


*  Tried working with green colors.  The cape was a fun attempt at making it look aged.

*  I made a black wash for the armor, which did a good job sitting in the recesses (but more on that later)

*  Skeleton's face looks the most normal of all of them.  I used bone, ivory, and white.  

*  Edge highlights here came out pretty decent on the axe edge and bones. 



*  Just not feeling the green/brown scheme.  They are too close or something.  I mean, sure, studded leather is brown, but something just doesn't work here.  

*  The wash I used should have been brown, not black.  It really looks too dark between all of the pads.  The more I looked at it, the less I'm sure it's padded leather and more scale male.  Whoops.

*  Can anyone help me out with armor?  I'm bumed that the armor I do keeps looking boring.  I can't seem to make it look fun or shining in the right places.  I am having a hard time doing volumes on metallics.


Each of these are different in their own way, but even though the techniques used worked decently and I feel like it was progress.  None of them came out as I had intended.  I need to stick to a plan.  


Here's the progress shots of them.





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3 hours ago, R2ED said:

Do skeletons have tongues?  And if they do, are they pink?  Well, mine is.  Looks weird.


Who is to say that the tongue is ... well... original equipment...as it were. Very creepy, and looks quite impressive.

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