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Tanares RPG - 5E by Dragori Games

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    • By Darsc Zacal
      Updated August 8th, 2019
      ***It’s been officially announced. 
      The Bones V Kickstarter will be delayed and is now expected to start Oct.1st.
      For now we can use this thread for discussion of it until, and if, Reaper wants to open a new official thread.***
      I’ve created this thread mostly as a place where I could collect all the screenshots that Reapers Ron and Ed have been teasing us with  on Reaper Live.
      Please note this thread is completely unofficial. 
      **Also be aware that I am now also adding any new preview photos to this first post so that those folks who only want to look at the minis don’t have to go through dozens of pages of chatter.
      With all the new photos of upcoming Bones V minis that are coming from Reapercon, it’s a bit overwhelming to try to update this first post with them all.
      Instead I’m going to link to the Reapercon photo thread for those interested in seeing what’s been unveiled there.
      I’ll keep this thread open for continued discussion and for the posting of any future Bones V images that come from sources other than Reapercon.
      The initial Core set.

      The photos below are sneak peeks of minis we will see made available at some point in the Kickstarter.
      Provided we reach the appropriate stretch goals of course.


      Add on set for Bones V

      *War Mammoth*

      *Dragon A*

      *Dragon B*

      *Storm Giant*

      *Cloud Giant*

      If anyone finds anything I’ve missed, please go ahead and post.
      And please remember these are all WIPs and subject to change.
      Also, I forgot some:
      crockagatordino thing. And shark.

      More pics from throughout the thread:


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