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3D printed Dark Sun minis

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Looking good!


Those minis bring back a lot of memories! 

Dark Sun was by far my favourite fantasy setting ever. I used to play it a lot (albeit in a heavily home-brewed 2nd ed. setting...). And I still have the old Ral Partha "People of the Land"-Box on the shelf, waiting to be painted. Well, some day...

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OMG I love the Nightmare Beast!!!  I faced one in a campaign once, just my psionicist and an Earth cleric.  After we got the item we were supposed to steal from its lair and accidentally woke it up, we managed to knock it out with a critical hit.  It teleported back into its lair and healed, then started coming back out even angrier.  There was lots of running and screaming but we managed to get away.  It was never meant to be an encounter we won by fighting, two characters of our level would never have survived against a terror like that.

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