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Ral Partha Voltan, Arena The Contest mage and King Sphinx

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Started these last night but finished them tonight.


As soon as I realized what character this old Ral Partha Imports piece was homaging, I had to get it and paint it. Sadly it's just the head, and a sword, added to an existing cleric piece, so not everything lines up. Really sad the cool details of Voltan's sword (x-shaped crossguard, skull pommel) didn't carry over. I tried to get as many dark tones in (flat black for the robes, semi-gloss for the leather gloves, cloak and boots, Reaper dungeon gray for the fur and Reaper adamantine black for the chainmail sleeves, Reaper ebony flesh for the scabbard) but under the camera it all kinda just blends in and none of them look as distinct anymore...




Similar to Michael Palin's zombicide mini, I got a bunch of pieces off the original Arena The Contest boardgame's player characters including doubles of the mage, so he was the first I used to try it out. Since the minis were color-coded and so were the "official" colors I decided to use that approach with a lot of blue hues on this guy. Resemblance to Skeletor's colors were a pure coincidental byproduct.




And last, a Power Rangers King Sphinx figurine repainted. This one I really wanted to do for a long time but couldn't figure a color scheme. You spend 20+ years knowing a creature as King Sphinx and it becomes hard to stray from that. My girlfriend suggested coloring him like the Anubis skin of a character from her favorite game... I didn't do an exact copy but I did take a lot of inspiration from it.

Kinda had to make some do-overs because my original bronze and gold colors were too similar to one another and thus blending in with one another.


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