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14296 Warlord Familiars - Skeleton


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Thanks for all your comments, I'm happy you like it!


It's a lot of fun for me to try out something new - especially when it has do do with a new product.

I have WAY too much niche products lying around on my painting desk, like crackle paste, vomit effects, liquid chrome, snow paste, color shifting metallics, pigments, you name it - many of which I have yet to try out. Buying this kind of stuff is one of my many weak spots in this hobby...😊

I understand that there's a learning curve to each and every one of these products so you don't get to nail it on the first try. But that's what those minis come in, to which you don't feel too attached. You can try out a lot of stuff without fearing to ruin your favourite mini. And you can have a lot of fun during the process!

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    • By Samedi
      Another leftover from RVE eventually finished! 
      The cloak was painted during Kevin Holderny's Galaxy Painting Class, now I finally managed to finish the rest.
      Not too happy with the blending on the white fabric, also I've painted better eyes before. In general, however, I like how the mini came out.
      For the orb on his stave I tried to paint a white opal. The finished product looks more like pearl to me but that's also ok. It's white-ish, shiny and mysterious, so I didn't completely miss the mark.
      Enjoy, c&c very welcome!

    • By Werkrobotwerk
      Continuing to paint the various rve stuff.
      This time, a kilted troll.

    • By Samedi
      Sarah's hair was painted during RVE, Geoff Davis taught a great class about painting hair. Painting up the rest of the mini was a great excuse not to work on my Barros&Tempest project.
      I did miss some evil mold lines, also I'm not too happy with the rosy gold paint I used on her staff. The paint has basically a rosy base with some big golden flakes in it that don't mix too well. I see it working on a car (low rider style) or a guitar body, but not as a stand in for actual rose gold.
      Apart from that, I'm quite happy how she turned out. The mini has a surprising amount of detail, so lots of opportunities to practise brush skills. 

    • By Iridil
      Here is a second piece I finished from RC - was a fun class, even if I wasn't able to achieve perfect results with my skills. First pictrure is how it was after class, the second after I spent about 30 mins trying to smooth some blends. My daughter (9) painted one too but did not want to share.

    • By Samedi
      Painted her up last weekend at the RVE for class. Now this is definitely not my best paint job, far from it. Nor is it a creative colour scheme - it is exactly as given in class. Still, Sascha is one of the minis I am proudest of.
      You see, I am a really slow painter. When I paint a mini, it usually takes forever. Even for my "get-it-off-my-desk-quality" I need more than a week to finish just the painting.
      Not with her I didn't! All painting was done during the one hour class (except prepping and varnishing, of course).When the Zoom feed ended I put down my brushes. I didn't correct any mistakes I found later. And I won't.
      This class was a game changing experience for me. Thanks, Tish Wolter, for making that happen!
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