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    • By Evilhalfling
      This guy has some serious Druidcraft. 
      His mace/warhammer was clearly grown to serve as a weapon.  
      No idea where he got the loincloth, perhaps that is why there is no Hyena Avatar. 
      the thing on his back is clearly supposed to be a NMM sword (not my finest shiny)  - but what if it was huge jug of liquid instead?   Its not like he needs a backup weapon. 
      I actually have a second copy of this figure, although I can't say why,  he is only my third fav of this series (behind Hippo & Ape) 
      while im thinking of it, the next loincloth should be identifiable  Lion or Leopard perhaps.  
      and the second copy should also be weapon swapped out to a staff.  

    • By Standifer
      This is my Reaper bones Viridius dragon that I call Magnus. This is the largest miniature I have painted and the one with the most complicated paint scheme I have ever attempted. It is by no means perfect but it was a blast to paint! 

      The troll finds out that he is Not the biggest thing on the battlefield.

      Comments, critiques, are welcome. 
      Thankyou for looking!

    • By BrokenWolf668
      All done up for a Halloween present. Hope you all enjoy, this was a fun one!

    • By Maledrakh
      This one has been standing around, based in one form or another since the Bones 1 kickstarter back in 2013 or whenever it actually delivered.  One of the few KS1 Undead Bones I had not painted yet.
      I had originally based it on a square movement tray thinking to make it as some sort of skeleton unit for Kings of War, but for some reason that no longer appealed to me when I dusted it off this time. It had actual cobwebs on.
      I finally settled on a bespoke 125mm by 90mm oval 3D printed base, and slapped some paint on it to get it done.
      lots of pics below

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