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Inktober 2021, prompts, pictures and the usual shenanigans.


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Once again, the pen ink calls, inviting one and all to participate.


That's right, it's Inktober time, and the prompts are flying thick and furious.


Lessee; I've got seven prompt lists handy, and if anyone's got more, feel free to post 'em.




CottageCharmsPrompt2021.thumb.png.57ae227d215d7d5d0386f3d23737ac47.png SCBWIArtober.thumb.jpg.b4ba05c8945ccd619d0b93d15541ed3a.jpg


 ... I got two of these from Twitter, the rest from either googling or following links. 


The general rule from the Official Prompt List is 'pen and ink, one drawing a day', but I am certainly not holding anybody to that if they don't feel like they can do it.

I also bravely ignore the 'pen and ink' rule, but I don't necessarily suggest my slapdash 'pick something from a list and go after it with whatever media amuses me' method, either... ^_^




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Found another one!
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Was just coming to see if this was posted. 💜 Thank you @Sylverthorne for collating all the goodness into one place! I wasn't even aware of such a thing before last year; the spawn and I had a great time with the daily inspiration to draw. (Although, since school's back to in-person, she may prefer the less-than-daily option.)

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Watch this space for an




list. (Not to be confused with #Reaptober, which is officially being used by Reaper, and which has to do with painting figures.)


I’ve been working on it, I have worked out a way to roll 4d10 to randomly choose a model from the online store. 




That raw roll translates to SKU 14714, which hopefully exists. Stay tuned. 

Edit: but it doesn’t. Looks like the numerically closest number is 14614.


Edit 2: Renamed it INK RANDOMLY; INK OFTEN. Between my random diceroll producing lots of invalid results and the kludge factor of trying to create it, and capture the graphic on my phone,  I only have about a week’s worth. But it is enough to start with. 

See next post for the image. 

There are three ways to use the IRIO Reaper Figures list. [1] Draw something inspired by the description without looking up the number, [2] lookup the number then  try to draw that figure as if it is sitting for a portrait, or [3] third use any of the other tags on the figure as prompt words. 

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Cool! Incidentally, for anyone else who can't get the search function to recognise an SKU, that first one is Erebus Nalas. Kind of a dead ringer for the Sorcerer in the Sorcerer's Apprentice, if you don't look too closely. >.>




After an argument with Corel, MS paint and.. all of that stuff, I finally got this uploaded:



Prompts: Familiar, Swift

Media: Ink! Markers, specifically, on .. paper. No, I don't know what kind. 


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Today's Rock Troll is the Bones Black promo troll, in all his irregularly faceted glory.

(Yes, damnit, I am going to look all of them up. I'm curious).


Anyway, today I actually went for the official prompt list. 



Day 3, Quality Assurance

Prompts: Vessel, Honey

Ink on paper (Copics, some abuse of microns). 


Have I mentioned recently that you can BLEND copics? You can blend copics. 

Does anyone still cover the tops of their honey jars with fabric? @Pegazus? Anybody?

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Today's Mini is Ariel the dryad. I'm late...


Inktober, day 4. Gaze Upon My Masterpiece!



Prompts: Knot, Bread, Critter

Watercolour! on 140lb Hot Press.


Don't look at me like that, I'm sure you've all had the urge to run around the house with a freshly baked loaf yelling at people to admire it. 

Ideally, before the starving horde decends and devours said loaf, dripping with butter and honey or jam.

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Day One :: Crystals #Inktober 

Day Two :: Elusive Creature #10Embers


A Longclawed Pillurtle, inked up as part of #DrawtheExtinct, 1st Friday of each month, during David Petersen's art stream. A Longclawed Pillurtle is a combination of Box Turtle, Crab, and Pill Bug. Colored with Sketchbook after being inked with Micron and Sharpie pens.


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Oh, hey! It's the crazy-eyed Owlbear today. 


I had a Judgy Kitty overseeing my art today; Enigma elected to be parked in the cavenest while I worked.

Inktober, Day 5. Are You Sure About This?



Prompts: Raven, Mouse, Arcana, Lavender

Media: Pens (Sakuras, sharpies, copics, whatever was in the bin..), on 100lb Bristol.


I... don't know what's going on here, and, honestly, I don't think I want to. If a bunch of squirrels blow up like furry little balloons, I had nothing to do with it....

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Yesterday's Ink Often mini was Lathula, Female Barbarian; who promptly went into my wishlist.

Today's is the Bones Clay Golem.


Um. If you're arachnophobic, maybe don't actually click the spoiler to look at the picture. >.>


Inktober, day 7. This Is As Prone As I Get.






Prompts: Living Curiousities, Prone

Media: Watercolour and ink on 140lb hot press


In the long-ago before times, when I was a lot younger and a lot more prone to saying things like,  'well, if they're capable of thinking for ten cents, they're not automatically going to be EVIL just because this book says so!' I created a lot of characters that GMs flat out refused to touch. Xanannae here is one of those characters. 


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Surprising no one, there are about a million Hooded Rogues in Reaper's catalogue. It's like none of them want to be recognised or something!

The one on the list though, is Tierce, Male Rogue.   


Inktober: Day 8. No, It's MY Bag.



Prompts: Watch, Bag of Holding, Cozy.


The concept of the Familiar Pocket is one I really like for small familiars. But I can see a larger one forgetting they're not that small anymore, too .... >.>

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