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Inktober 2021, prompts, pictures and the usual shenanigans.


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Once again, the pen ink calls, inviting one and all to participate.


That's right, it's Inktober time, and the prompts are flying thick and furious.


Lessee; I've got seven prompt lists handy, and if anyone's got more, feel free to post 'em.




CottageCharmsPrompt2021.thumb.png.57ae227d215d7d5d0386f3d23737ac47.png SCBWIArtober.thumb.jpg.b4ba05c8945ccd619d0b93d15541ed3a.jpg


 ... I got two of these from Twitter, the rest from either googling or following links. 


The general rule from the Official Prompt List is 'pen and ink, one drawing a day', but I am certainly not holding anybody to that if they don't feel like they can do it.

I also bravely ignore the 'pen and ink' rule, but I don't necessarily suggest my slapdash 'pick something from a list and go after it with whatever media amuses me' method, either... ^_^




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Found another one!
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Top Posters In This Topic

Was just coming to see if this was posted. 💜 Thank you @Sylverthorne for collating all the goodness into one place! I wasn't even aware of such a thing before last year; the spawn and I had a great time with the daily inspiration to draw. (Although, since school's back to in-person, she may prefer the less-than-daily option.)

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Watch this space for an




list. (Not to be confused with #Reaptober, which is officially being used by Reaper, and which has to do with painting figures.)


I’ve been working on it, I have worked out a way to roll 4d10 to randomly choose a model from the online store. 




That raw roll translates to SKU 14714, which hopefully exists. Stay tuned. 

Edit: but it doesn’t. Looks like the numerically closest number is 14614.


Edit 2: Renamed it INK RANDOMLY; INK OFTEN. Between my random diceroll producing lots of invalid results and the kludge factor of trying to create it, and capture the graphic on my phone,  I only have about a week’s worth. But it is enough to start with. 

See next post for the image. 

There are three ways to use the IRIO Reaper Figures list. [1] Draw something inspired by the description without looking up the number, [2] lookup the number then  try to draw that figure as if it is sitting for a portrait, or [3] third use any of the other tags on the figure as prompt words. 

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Cool! Incidentally, for anyone else who can't get the search function to recognise an SKU, that first one is Erebus Nalas. Kind of a dead ringer for the Sorcerer in the Sorcerer's Apprentice, if you don't look too closely. >.>




After an argument with Corel, MS paint and.. all of that stuff, I finally got this uploaded:



Prompts: Familiar, Swift

Media: Ink! Markers, specifically, on .. paper. No, I don't know what kind. 


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Today's Rock Troll is the Bones Black promo troll, in all his irregularly faceted glory.

(Yes, damnit, I am going to look all of them up. I'm curious).


Anyway, today I actually went for the official prompt list. 



Day 3, Quality Assurance

Prompts: Vessel, Honey

Ink on paper (Copics, some abuse of microns). 


Have I mentioned recently that you can BLEND copics? You can blend copics. 

Does anyone still cover the tops of their honey jars with fabric? @Pegazus? Anybody?

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Today's Mini is Ariel the dryad. I'm late...


Inktober, day 4. Gaze Upon My Masterpiece!



Prompts: Knot, Bread, Critter

Watercolour! on 140lb Hot Press.


Don't look at me like that, I'm sure you've all had the urge to run around the house with a freshly baked loaf yelling at people to admire it. 

Ideally, before the starving horde decends and devours said loaf, dripping with butter and honey or jam.

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Day One :: Crystals #Inktober 

Day Two :: Elusive Creature #10Embers


A Longclawed Pillurtle, inked up as part of #DrawtheExtinct, 1st Friday of each month, during David Petersen's art stream. A Longclawed Pillurtle is a combination of Box Turtle, Crab, and Pill Bug. Colored with Sketchbook after being inked with Micron and Sharpie pens.


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made the font even smaller
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Oh, hey! It's the crazy-eyed Owlbear today. 


I had a Judgy Kitty overseeing my art today; Enigma elected to be parked in the cavenest while I worked.

Inktober, Day 5. Are You Sure About This?



Prompts: Raven, Mouse, Arcana, Lavender

Media: Pens (Sakuras, sharpies, copics, whatever was in the bin..), on 100lb Bristol.


I... don't know what's going on here, and, honestly, I don't think I want to. If a bunch of squirrels blow up like furry little balloons, I had nothing to do with it....

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Yesterday's Ink Often mini was Lathula, Female Barbarian; who promptly went into my wishlist.

Today's is the Bones Clay Golem.


Um. If you're arachnophobic, maybe don't actually click the spoiler to look at the picture. >.>


Inktober, day 7. This Is As Prone As I Get.






Prompts: Living Curiousities, Prone

Media: Watercolour and ink on 140lb hot press


In the long-ago before times, when I was a lot younger and a lot more prone to saying things like,  'well, if they're capable of thinking for ten cents, they're not automatically going to be EVIL just because this book says so!' I created a lot of characters that GMs flat out refused to touch. Xanannae here is one of those characters. 


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Surprising no one, there are about a million Hooded Rogues in Reaper's catalogue. It's like none of them want to be recognised or something!

The one on the list though, is Tierce, Male Rogue.   


Inktober: Day 8. No, It's MY Bag.



Prompts: Watch, Bag of Holding, Cozy.


The concept of the Familiar Pocket is one I really like for small familiars. But I can see a larger one forgetting they're not that small anymore, too .... >.>

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      Last year quite a few of us had a some fun doing this Inktober event. The idea is to draw something each day, inspired by a list of words; there is a word for each day.
      — @Pingo
      This was The thread from Last Year:
      There are official rules. We broke most of them. There is more than one person making lists (apart from the guy that started it 11 years back), the lists have different themes…. Last year anything that could leave a mark on paper counted as Ink, some people found ways to combine words from multiple lists, it was fair game to jump from one list to another and back, some only ever posted their pieces here but not on fb, twitler, instychat, (or any of the popular social media pages), skipping days was a thing, gradually catching up was a thing, using two prompt words in one drawing to count-as-2-days was a thing…
      I have stumbled on three other lists in addition to the original Inktober2020 list. Images of them all follow. I will cheerfully add some others if someone suggests any.
      InktoberLite2020: One possibility if One-A-Day just seems too much, too fast, is to do one every 48 hours. We have here four lists, that yields 2 words per list for a total of 8 word choices, from 2 days. Pick one word (out of 8) for a drawing to be completed sometime on Oct 1st or 2nd. Rinse repeat for 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, and so on.


      NB: Rolling 5D6 will mostly result in a lot of Owlbears and Beholders and Bulettes...no idea how you’d roll choices 1-5 (blame whoever did the graphic #totalartmajor #notagamer).


      The Official ^ Original Rules and Prompt Words

      Added per Guindy’s suggestion. 

      @Sylverthorne found ^ this.

      @Reaper_Jon suggested ^ this one.

      @Crowley found this one ^ on tumblr

      Suggested by @Sylverthorne; graphic ^ by @TGP; list by "eloveart" found on Reaper's Discord.

      Ultimately found by @Sylverthorne the Adventurneer list from smalltownspells. [ @pcktlnt's usual list.]
      Collected Hashtag List
      #INKtober #DRAWlloween #Drawtober #DrawnToFantober #eletober #INKTOBER2020
      #adventurneer #hauntober #follygon #sculptober #sculptober2020 #eloveartinktober
    • By TGP
      Some of us on the Forums participated in an event called Inktober. One of the Prompt Words was Dragon. So for the 12th  of October I did a Dragon. I took Work in Progress pictures, so I thought it might be fun to post them in the WIP section. (Finally getting around to posting them three months on.)
      I posted some free advice about using ink markers in the Inktober thread and I followed some of my own advice to draw this. Trying to figure out how to quote that post...but it is not allowing it for unknown reasons. (First save)
      There it is ^ I had to save; do a second post; which merged with the first post; and then edit. 
      Right then, on with it, following my own advice... 
      Step 1
      Grab a mechanical pencil and outline the basic area where the Dragon is going to be. Mostly, this step is to make sure that the drawing doesn't run off the edge of the paper. But, there are a few key details like the eye location... the jaw...
      There is no pic for this step. Sorry. It didn’t occur to me to do a step-by-step and the pencil lines were so faint because I used such a hard grade of lead it probably wouldn’t have shown up in the photo. 
      # TGPTGP
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