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Inktober 2021, prompts, pictures and the usual shenanigans.


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I'm not actually sure what a Bakarathi is supposed to be a not!monster replacement for. But today's is the Bakarathi Hunter. 


Inktober, Day 9. Faulty Warning System



Prompts: Lamp, Mimic, Mushroom

Watercolour and ink on 140lb hot press.


I was deeply tempted to title this 'Some Like It Hot', but... too easy, yanno?

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Today finds us faced with Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager. Although he nearly got written down as Bloodpager, so... dude's got a reason to be mad.


Inktober, day 10. Dullahan's Day Off.



Prompts: Pick, Pumpkin, Sweater

Ink (mostly Copics) on 100lb Bristol board.


Yes. There are tiny pumpkins on his pants, and he is wearing red Nightmare Slippers. Who WOULDN'T? 

I'm not sure what he's drinking tho; might be mulled cider. He picked a good day for it.

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Oh, look. It's Monday. Burning Sword took me a couple of tries, but I eventually tracked down the Light's Hand Captain, who is today's Unsuspecting Victim.


Inktober, day 11. Kitchen Witchery



Prompts: Sour, Pie, Abjuration.

Ink on 100lb Bristol Board. Yeh, Copics.. mostly.


Insert your favorite double-crust pie recipe, I guess; I didn't have the patience to write one in. Also, didn't think anybody wanted to break their eyes trying to decipher it, if I had. ^^;

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Today's pirate is Eric Swiftblade. Interesting sculpt..



Inktober, Day 12.



Prompts: Stuck, Honey.

Ink on 100lb Bristol. 

Side note, alcohol markers will bleed through just about everything. Keep something handy to protect the next sheet down, especially if you're planning to blend things.


It was a long day. 

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Today's is Yuri, Female Monk. Not my cup of tea, but a nice, fully-covered lethal lady is always good.


Inktober, day 15. Should Have Set A Watch.



Prompts: Helmet, Fire, Cook's Tools, Bonfire.

Watercolour on 140lb hot press.


It often occurs to me, as I paint these little scenes, that some of them would make excellent vignette scenes for a story.

And it took me three tries to get the picture to function correctly when uploaded, so that's a new thing that I'm not keen on. 😜

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So, apparently, one of the things that happens when I get dragged out to the Middle of Nowhere is that I lose access to things like the Internet. Eh. Worse things...


So, um. Have three days worth of prompts all in one day, I guess.


Inktober 16. Lost Stars.



Prompt: Compass

Ink (Copics, Microns) on 100lb Bristol board.

... okay, some of these definitely make better sense with context, but we'll get to that.


Inktober 17. Help..?



Prompts: Collide, Mask

Ink (Copics, microns) on 100lb Bristol board

... so, one of my characters needed to learn to skii. She HAD it ..right up until I rolled  poorly.


Inktober 18. Hunter's Moon.



Prompts: Moon, Ivy.

Ink (Copics, Microns) on 100lb Bristol board.


So, remind me not to do THAT again; keeping prompts and media straight for one drawing is bad enough, let alone for three..

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I would just like it known that I managed to start this BEFORE midnight. 

It's been a long day.


Inktober 19. Who Jammed The Window?



Prompts: Loop, Window, Jam.

Ink (RIP, my poor Faber-Castells; I'm pretty sure the lightest of my cold greys is ded now. The rest is Microns and Copics) on 100lb Bristol board.


It's been a long, weird day. Hopefully, tomorrow is less long and weird. And less destructive. I don't need to be scrounging for another chair.

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I'd like it noted that pens go /slightly/ faster than watercolour, if only because I don't have to wait for the layers to dry.



Inktober, day 20. Moment In Time.

Prompts: Sprout, Bee, Spellbook, Shadows.

Watercolour on 140lb hot press, with a guest appearance from my .005 micron. 


Yellow ochre, if anyone was curious how I got that off-white ivory shade on the paper. 

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It finally happened. I managed to use a prompt from @TGP's list. Korgug is here under protest...


Inktober, Day 21. Under Protest.



Prompts: Fuzzy, Primal Path, Bugbear, Candle.
Ink on 100lb Bristol board.


I have no idea what foul magic (or cursed logic) got a bugbear anywhere near soap, much less a brush, but I'll bet there was excrement involved...

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