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Darcstaar vs. BONES I, Ep. 17: Arthrand


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Next in line: 77049, Bones Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger.




I tried priming with a 1:1 mix of Blue Liner:White Brush On Primer.  There were a few mold lines and casting valleys that showed up.  I put a layer of Brush On Sealer on them.  We’ll see how that worked.

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Done with base coats.  Leather stuff is Muddy Brown.  Hair is Amber Gold.  Brass/gold is Gold NMM Shadow.  Armor is Blue Liner.  Wood is Woodstain Brown.  I don’t always go in for dark lining, but I think this figure would benefit from it, so that’s what’s next.

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Trying to add a subtle highlight to the black of the inner cloak.  To the Dragon Black I added Olive Green, Earth Brown, or Snow Shadow based on what was close by.  I’m probably not doing this right.  It’s something based on an old Dakka Dakka article about painting black.

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