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CYCLOPS Army Project

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After painting a cool huge cyclops model I thought it would be fun to assemble and entire army around this guy. This will not be for any particular rules set, mostly for Song of Blades and Heroes, and maybe Dragon Rampant. I imagine this is a rather savage group of desert survivors who banded together around this hulking giant as an advantage over other desperate warbands and armies roaming a fantasy wasteland.


After finishing this guy,



I started window shopping for other miniatures that fit a desert wasteland monstrous theme and came up with the models pictured below. I have about half of them purchased and will be picking up more as I get stuff finished.


My goal is to document my progress through this army to inventive myself to get it done and have a cool recording of the project. Hopefully it will be interesting to look at and read through.




I have the Ettin's, Cyclop's, Cockatrice, Chimera and Manticore based and primed.


I prime almost all my models in Rust-Oleum Camouflage Tan. I find that this color looks good under light and is super flat with a good surface that takes paint well.


First to lay down some base colors. I'll be using the Borborygmos figure as a guide for the color scheme and a reference for the little army bits and iconography I used for the shoulder armor.


Next up is laying down more base colors.



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All of the blocking in is finished. Overall I'm happy with the color scheme. The yellow will be really toned down to a dirty tan color by the end, so it wont be so glaring. The guy with the armored coat I painted to be a bronze dragon skin, so that will be fun to detail. The other guy with the green skirt section will have the same double chevron yellow stripes as the Borborygmos round shields on his chest. I'm thinking it's the banner from the same unit as the shields.


Anyway, next step is to do an overall wash with 50/50 strong tone and water. Once that is dry I'll do another full strength wash of strong tone.


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Time to grunge things up.

The first thing I do is dry brush everything with light grey to create the highlights. Things look crappy at this point.

The next step is the dark tone wash to give the shadows.


This is now the base where I will start adding the color back in with thinned coats of paints, inks and contrast paints.




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Ettis are blocked in. Didn't realize these were the same exact Ettin, but whatever, I have like 3 other REAPER ones, these will just be for this army.


After I got done with this stage I think they look hideous! The colors should come out much darker and mutated once I grunge it up. Tried something different...


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All grunged up and looking a bit better. Had a wash pool up on the belly but should be able to clear that away.


The colors will be a mottled dull green with dry brushing up to a darker green. I imagine that they would get sun burnt in the desert and the orcish green would darken.


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