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Courtesan (from 77666 Townsfolk II)


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Thanks everyone!  One thing I realized with this one is that these clears are really great for painting fabric because they’re dark but (obv) very transparent and thus it makes it easy to build up highlights by adding more white, and then glazing smooth with easy mixes of the straight clears.

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12 hours ago, rubegon said:

 In retrospect I wish I’d gotten the metal version - I couldn’t do much with that seal flipper of a hand 🤣

Even Bones Black can have trouble with tiny fingers and details.  I hope Bones USA can do a better job, and that the price stays reasonable compared to metal.  If so, I hope they release some of their finely detailed minis in that medium for those who are doing high level paint jobs.

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41 minutes ago, Serenity said:

Even Bones Black can have trouble with tiny fingers and details.  I hope Bones USA can do a better job, and that the price stays reasonable compared to metal.  If so, I hope they release some of their finely detailed minis in that medium for those who are doing high level paint jobs.

In general I’m really impressed with Bones Black.  The quality of the cast on this one - even with many of the fine details - is really excellent.  It seems like detail in certain kinds of area gets kind of smooshed.


From what I’ve seen Bones 5 is even better than Bones 4 in terms of fine detail.  I think there’s a learning curve in the design of the molds and tuning the of the plastic formula, and the people doing that are getting really good at it.


Having said that, Bones USA is incredible!  It reproduces better detail than the same sculpts in metal.  The new Bones USA version of Mangu Timor is made from the same masters as the metal, and it has detail you can’t see in the metal.


I asked about Bones USA production cost on a factory tour during ReaperCon.  Ed said that they’re priced accordingly now.  It seems they’ll be less than metal, but we shouldn’t expect to see a KS where we can get 150 Bones USA models for $120.  They still need to be made in small batches with similar labor costs to metal ones, unlike Bones Black where the production cost is really low once the molds are paid for.

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    • By billeecats
      Back after a long-ish hiatus. I had to take a break from painting earlier this year because of some eye issues. No that I can see right again, I wanted to take a simple-ish mini to completion. I used the RCL limited palette theme for July. 
      While the paint job on these maggots can be better, it's gratifying to be back to doing something I enjoy immensely. 

    • By billeecats
      Blink has been sitting on my desk for months. I finally called it done on her today. There are issues, especially with the not so clean lines on the armor, but I just needed to get this done and move on. I am, however, happy enough with her face. 

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      I started these Minitaurs months ago, and wanted to paint them like the Khazra from the Diablo video games. I abandoned work on them earlier this year when I took a break from painting for health reasons. At this point I'm kinda jaded and just wanted them off my table. The leader's wrist wraps are too bright, and I might go back and add shadows to tone those down, but otherwise I'm done with these. 

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      The parson from this four-figure set showed up in my recent post on the Salem Sisters. Let's ratchet several notches up the social scale for the other three. First, some Ladies at Court:

      Or courtiers, or courtesans, it's not easy to draw the line in King Charles II's time.  Lots of flounces and furbelows, lots of gossip. 

      "Of course the Barsteads have wealth piled upon wealth. It is said that the family were blaggards and privateers who got rich off of Spanish gold in Queen Bess's time"
      "Well, *I* heard that the Barstead fortune came from a devil's bargain! The coffers will never run empty as long as the Good Folk take the firstborn to pay the tithe to Hell!"

      "Hm! The way the family carries on, it seems Old Scratch got the worse end of the deal, paying up for what would rightfully come his way in due time with no effort on his part."

      And here is Lord Barstead himself. Rouged cheeks and mad eyes, definitely drunk and dissolute. The sort of person who would horsewhip the servants and call people "cack-handed slatterns." The kind who will squander the family inheritance on cards and drink. Maybe enclose the Commons later, on a whim, or start a tobacco plantation in the New World, or just sentence a peasant to hang for poaching. 
      "...Very old family, the Barsteads. In the War of the Roses Sir Ranulf Barstead invented the Barstead sword. Why, back in the Conqueror's day half the nobility in this part of the realm were Barsteads. Demned upstart vagabonds these days, jumped-up weavers and tradesmen get a little money and start thinking of themselves as Peers? Why, it makes a Barstead's blood boil!"

      "You DARE? Insolent whelp, I'll see you dead and damned at dawn! Pistols, or swords?"



    • By golldan
      Finished the Cave Spider. Inspiration image for colors (and blotter) for first image. Used a bit of Turbo Dork colorshft paint to try and get the hair shimmer that the real spider has.



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