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Bones 5 Core Set - Kid Hero (1070)


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I’m starting my first of the kid heroes from the Bones 5 core set.  I really like the character design with the sharp looking long coat, cool hair and bone sword.




I want to do something different with the skin on this one.  I want to paint them as a moon elf, with cool undertones and warmer highlights.


im going to try basecoating with a blue and highlight up to pinkish highlight.  Not sure if this is going to work.


Starting with a basecoat of ritterlich:dark elf at about 1:1.







This is along the lines of what I’m going for with the skin.  Putting this here for reference.



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Started blocking in the skin.  Not sure …





Worked on the skin some more, and basecoated the coat and hair(9462 Succubus Kiss and 9066 Blue Liner).  I need to see how all the colors will work together.  I think it’s starting to come together.



Working on the wet palette for this one.



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I wanted to warm up the skin tone a bit, so I added some 9283 Old West Rose to the mid tones and remixed the skin colors.  Also moved to the well palette to control consistency better.  Blending these colors was tricky - I can control consistency and keep my colors consistent better in the wells.



Redid a lot of the skin.  It’s looking better now I think.  I feel like they’re looking like a moon elf.




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