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Chainmail Gnoll and aBYSSAL rAVAGER


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Cinder didn't work out for my return to hobbying, so I decided to try something a bit less ambitious....


Reading back through past projects, I saw one of the hangout minis of the month was Blacktounge, Gnoll Ranger from Reaper, and remembered that I had picked up this set at a paint day with the New England Miniatures folks at the Citadel games store....


I figure if I can follow my old WIP, I won't be stressing to much, and I will have another figure to add to the Frostgrave warband that was started so long ago,,,,


So the 2 got assembled and puttied, and now the never ending search for minor mold lines can begin when the putty is dry...


thanks for taking a look!

Wish me luck!!!!1189005874_chainmailgnoll001.thumb.JPG.0cc187a05003148457abdc07db7e9be7.JPG940816623_chainmailgnoll002.thumb.JPG.2fdf4d4f808eb2a346846dc6c17ebdc6.JPG1590087198_chainmailgnoll004.thumb.JPG.7a2098e6a580260963705d9ef380b433.JPG924659019_chainmailgnoll005.thumb.JPG.a522c9e3dac3b982615ebee964d431fd.JPG1257858594_chainmailgnoll006.thumb.JPG.0dd20da2ca4d5c94441173f7cd4906eb.JPG1462406179_chainmailgnoll007.thumb.JPG.da18ba6b23852e3310741a6cad27724f.JPG562029818_chainmailgnoll008.thumb.JPG.498020e0dddecc850b9dbe07074bf771.JPG230239305_chainmailgnoll009.thumb.JPG.9d11cadf39702c71c0b0bee450d64d45.JPG1201895651_chainmailgnoll010.thumb.JPG.6ddef1ee790e7e5a98b84a0d96abefec.JPG1221779272_chainmailgnoll011.thumb.JPG.421169df5aacf8a1f6562f0badcde933.JPG1197434834_chainmailgnoll012.thumb.JPG.79271e508aed68740a46fb8a09c9133c.JPG510364441_chainmailgnoll013.thumb.JPG.53574783052babd145b3903137afd5de.JPG

chainmail gnoll 003.JPG

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      any and all comments gratefully ignored....
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