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Ral Partha Lord of Darkness (AKA Frank Frazetta's Witch King of Angmar)


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Another piece I started at the end of the weekend.

Ral Partha Imports Lord of Darkness, obviously a massive ripoff of Frank Frazetta's epic take on the Witch-King of Angmar.


Oddly enough they gave him a face, which really lost a lot of the original art's pure malevolence (those eyes, man), so I tried to give him a spooky spectral skintone (Reaper spectral white). Dark colors were obviously a must for a Nazgul but after doing the super black and dark metals Voltan mini last month, I kind of wanted to change it up, so the Witch-King has himself some more colorful adornments.



Sadly, no scantily-armored Eowyn to go up against him.

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