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[KS] Sally 4th's "Rising Tides" : 28mm Spy-Fi On, under and around the water


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Having run four previous Kick-starters for Classic Movies, we felt it  was time for the fifth installment, this time focusing on spy-fi action on, under and around the water. 

One of my favorite Spy-Fi movies featured a huge set piece battle in a submarine dock within the worlds largest cargo ship. The evil villain had stolen three nuclear submarines and held there crews prisoner, luckily our heroic Commander RN released them and together they thwarted the villains diabolic plans. 



£40 / $55 for The Cast. Metal miniatures.











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Looking at the preview images, I can't help but wonder if the paint jobs are a bit meh, or whether the figures are actually sculpted to have faces only a mother could love. I'm inclined to think the latter, and while that seems fine for villainous goons, I'd rather prefer a retro not-Bond that doesn't remind me of Jaws.

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