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You guys convinced me... so say I want to start an army but do not want/like the mini in the starter set. Where would I start? any suggestions?


I like the Sultan but I do not know how playable it is. Also, the rulebook that can be downloaded online. Is it the real one or just a demo?

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Bwahaaa haa ha HEE!


Yes the downloadable rulebook is the real deal. THe only thing its missing is all the great fluff material and the optional rules which are found in the JoRs.


The Sultan is a good solid unit and has a nasty Indirect fire weapon that you can choice which setting you want it on (Hard damage/ soft damage/ mixed) with a point cost.


I'd still recommend the starter set its a great value...


I'd also recommend any of the Hughes-Mariette line of death: Duelist, Gladitiator II, Soveriegn III, Warlord, Knight, spartan, centurian, lance, longbow, Czar (its not out yet though), sabre, stilletto, and the Flail. Throw in some RMI products: Sultans, challengers, bishops, chancellor, chieftain, and some others but since they're not out yet I won't mention them... :angry: While currently my merc unit does use any of these I have been building a secret (well not anymore) stash of them...


Mostly it depends on yer playing style which units will be good for you :poke:

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Ok how about quick hit-and-run attacks from multiple directions with high speed units? What CAVs are good for such tactic?


I want my company to have the feels of a hunting wolfpack. I probably will name it using some sort of wolfi name. ::D:


PS: I'm in the stage were naming and fluffing your new company is more important than reading and familiarizing yourself with the rules ^_^

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Starhawks (both the V and VI) and Challengers in my opinion make excellent units for hit and run. Also several of the Mitso-Ta units as all of these can move 24 inches a turn and are heavy class CAVs. Through in a couple of support units with long range fire power (Conquerors and Bishops) and you are there for CAVs.


Slightly slower (20 inch move) are the Mantis and Dictator which are also excellent CAVs.


Tank wise wait fore the Banshee, it is fast and well gunned.


Light Vehicles the Nomad (not out yet) and the sabre rule the roost for me here.


Aircraft well the best is the Tsuiekie (looks like an A10) and the Harpy.


As ever feel free to pester me on IM and I will give you more advice.



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Lone Wolf Company kind of specializes in high speed deep flank or wing attacks, though we use special variants of some the same CAVs to acheive these needs. Since we are considered a Terran Security firm, we stick with SyRAM, Mitso Ta, a touch of Hughes Marietta or Koda Works (very limited), and a few creations of our own....


The key to this type of unit is balance, since we operate on the flanks, we have to be able to move through any target that presents itself, hard or soft. the idea is to be able to fade and manuever, you can't do it with a section of say Dictators, since they can be in serious trouble by a few well placed infantry.


To this end, our ideal CAVs are the Starhawk VI, Starhawk V (Modified in three Variants), Regent (Modified in 2 variants) the Katana (modified as a Fire support saturation unit).The regent takes on a new role with its missiles swapped for MT96A, this is the UTDF Samurai variant. (the AA bonus applies to the mount, this unit is pretty good against hard air targets like APCs)


We also use modified Tsuiseki, trading the primary guns for Outpost one missiles, increases its performance by up to 50%. basically all three weapons fire +4 at a range of 48 inches.


Note: Our modifications stay within the SyRAM, Mitso-ta UCORs.

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Here's where I'd start.


Starhawk V

Starhawk VI



Sovereign or Conqueror

Spartan ( lots of those ! ::): )

Wight ( most underutilized CAV in the game )



Thunderbird's are great too, along with Mantis's and Sultan's. The Butcher and the Duellist are fairly good if you tweak them a tad. I have crappy luck with Dictator's so I try to avoid them.




Harpy's or Tsuiseki's ( I prefer the Harpy )

Chieftain tanks make great proxies for Banshee's

Infantry, Heavy type with AT-23's and mortars.

Lynx APC's





Just my opion though. I definitely encourage you to get the starter set. It's a really, really good way to get all the basic stuff really cheap. The CAV's in it are good one's too. They may not look great, but they work.

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