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I was draggin' on this dragon


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Every time I see this model painted I wish we had gotten it. Yours looks great. 


I think the plastic base could be set on a round or oval, then some forest floor (or watery pond) added to it.  Don't make it too large, you don't want to overwhelm the dragon.  Some greens on the base would tie in nicely with the color on the dragon's head and tail.  The stone seems a little one dimensional.  Look at the lichen and moss on this stone head: https://www.alamy.com/south-american-ancient-or-historic-statue-of-god-image153528355.html   or this ancient wall: https://www.alamy.com/stock-image-tropical-figure-in-forrest-168868710.html?


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Beautiful. The green/yellow beard, gray head, purple tongue, orange body, and those beautiful antlers. very nice. For the base, I would avoid too much color as it could distract from the dragon. I could see amping up the bases contrast though. Darker shadows and a very light gray highlight to add some umph without overwhelming the piece. 

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@KruleBear I did end up adding a little bit of highlight to it before submitting for that competition, but I still think it needs to be more punchy, as you said.  I'll try a little of what Inarah mentioned, but also rather than toning up the statue head too much, I'll rely on the terrain to help and MAKE SURE not to take away from the dragon.  

Thanks for noting the color selection.  I was having fun picking them.  I laid them out all before starting and it was a darn good thing I did.  It made it way more of a fun process than a struggle.

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Absolutely beautiful!

To your questions:

Right now, the dragon draws all the attention. The base is kind of boring, just there to complement. If you want the base to draw some attention too, then add to it. But that could result in attention taken away from the dragon as oppose to adding more to the whole piece. So kind of depends on what you want to accomplish.


Hope this helps 🙂



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I think this is a striking colour scheme and I really enjoy that lovely contrast you have going on this piece. Really satisifying to look at. Also a very autumnal colour scheme, with works well for such a nature spirit /dragon. All in all it makes me really happy to look at, just so much to enjoy. 


I would add soem green enamel wash to the base to simulate light moss growth. AK Interactive has a great range. Otherwise leave it as is. maybe add a circular base and add soemwater effect around the stone. Mayhaps a few fallen leaves on the water surface. Don't overdo it. The dragon is quite busy and the face right now the focal point. I don't think it would help if the base distracts the beholder from it.

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      Got another one in this week.  I'm on a roll!
      Still doing my work on these marines looking for a color combo I really like.  I completed Red, Blue, Green, and Black.  I've got 2 more color schemes to test, which are Grey and White.  We'll see in the coming days how much energy I've got for them.
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      Here's my first ever 5 painted.  I tried to test two paint schemes green and blue. I think they both came out great. 





      having never got into these before, i now see the reason people like these so much.  Very fun but very time consuming.  
      Would love your feedback. 
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