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Inarah's Minivember 2021


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The challenge is 30 minis in 30 days (not necessarily 1 mini each day.) I've been prepping a few figures each week since August, and this year's theme is Science Fiction: 


Team Terminator:



XairBot (Small) 49012
XairBot (Medium) 49013

CyberReavers I (2) 50354
CyberReavers II (2) 50355
CyberReaver 845

Enforcer 847


Team Survivor:



HESCO barriers (2)

Starship Generator 80053

Tess, Adventuring Heroine 49020

Slade, Cyborg Hero 49018
Nova Corp:Female 80013

Nova Corp:Soldier 80012





Gothic Tank Traps/objective markers (2)

3d printed scatter terrain

Crates (Large and Small)(2) 77248

Jersey Barriers (2)


More Stuff:



IMEF: Reggie Van Zandt 80017

Viceroy Enforcers (3) 30029

Starship Generator 80053 #2


Obligatory Fantasy:




Dreadmere wight 44022 

Benedict Baker 

dark elf w/bow 1128

Liriel Silverlocks 2458

DGS games female


Not shown: Blood Nebula Mercenary 49017, Power Generator 72611 (2)-- still in blister packs. 


That gets me to 30-ish, depending on whether I count things like the barriers and crates as single pieces or not.  Still working on getting the last few pieces washed and primed and identified. 



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On 10/18/2021 at 8:05 PM, SparrowMarie said:

Can't wait to see this!


Thanks!  This week I've been slowly working on getting all the figures identified, based, and mold lines scraped off.  There's a small terrain piece I want to do, but it got packed up last year when we remodeled, and of course now I cannot find it.  I'm sure it'll show up in 3 months when I'm searching for something else. 


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Day 1.  Starting with these 4 Cyber Reavers from B5.  Haven't quite decided on colors. I tried one with a black wash, and one with white Citadel contrast paint and it was pretty clear to me it wasn't going to be enough contrast.  I like the idea of white robots, but I don't have the time or desire to line all th details by hand. So they all got painted black. 




I also put sand on the bases, both for interest and weight.  I have a variety of metallic paints, I'm considering whether they should all be the same color, same color family, or a variety of colors.  




And since I need to do more than 4 minis this week I randomly grabbed one of the others.... a dark elf with a bow.  I will start blocking in base colors on her tomorrow.  


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Day 2.  This evening I painted the sand on the 4 Reaver bases, and while that dried started putting paint on the dark elf. Will have to come back to her when I figure out what paints I used on the previous lot.   Picked up Liriel Silverlocks, a great 90's piece by Sandra Garrity.  I have had this figure forever.  Decided to do her in a fall theme, Pumpkin Spice Liriel.  No pics tonight. 



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Day 3.  Last night I pulled out the Nightshade Purple, Carnival Purple, and Ritterlich Blue that I used for my dark elves in the past.  Started applying that to the dark elf, and since I had the sea hag on the table and she looks better as an elf, started a bonus figure.  Ritterlich is the base color I use on my "space police", they got a quick coat. 




Tried some metalics on the Cyber Reavers.  Not happy with the outcome.  Plain silver doesn't look that great either.  Will try somemore ideas tonight. 





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Day 4: Played around with the metalic paint a bit more.  Went and looked at the TurboDork tutorials.  I did not know there was a difference between the metalic and the colorshift lines.  Read the instructions. Yeah, who'd have thought. The brighter colors look better, so I experimented with a few.  They're starting to look more robot-y. 




Pulled out 4 more pieces to slap some paint on. At this point just trying to get base coats down and will worry about details later.  I received this wight minus a hand, so he had been grafted one with a dagger out of the bits box.  He's got a bit of undead flesh as a base coat.  Meanwhile Benedict Baker gets a fancy blue velvet coat. I envision him as a somewhat eccentric old professor who's forgotten where he parked...




Dark elf chick got a bit of metal on her armor, not sure if I like it.  I also base coated the two jersey barriers, which really wanted to suck up the paint for some reason.   A lot got accomplished, though nothing is coming together quite yet. 


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Day 5: Today went fast.  I squeezed in an hour this evening.  Added more color to these three, mostly working with what is on my wet palette, a lot of orange and browns, and the Ritterlich Blue: 




Messy drybrush on these three. Will be followed with a dark wash once it is thoroughly dry. Like tomorrow.





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Thanks for the comments. 


Well, life happened and I did not get as much painting done as I'd hoped. Today I put the dark wash on the soldiers, and futzed around with the others, touching up spots or painting bases.   Decided against the blue armor on the dark elf, too much color.  Going to change it silver like the others. 


On request from our GM, I'm prepping and painting two more orcs for next weekend's game, and probably a tree man, too. I got some terrain spray primed.  Trying to use the warm weather to get a head start on winter hobby time. 


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