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The challenge is 30 minis in 30 days (not necessarily 1 mini each day.) I've been prepping a few figures each week since August, and this year's theme is Science Fiction: 


Team Terminator:



XairBot (Small) 49012
XairBot (Medium) 49013

CyberReavers I (2) 50354
CyberReavers II (2) 50355
CyberReaver 845

Enforcer 847


Team Survivor:



HESCO barriers (2)

Starship Generator 80053

Tess, Adventuring Heroine 49020

Slade, Cyborg Hero 49018
Nova Corp:Female 80013

Nova Corp:Soldier 80012





Gothic Tank Traps/objective markers (2)

3d printed scatter terrain

Crates (Large and Small)(2) 77248

Jersey Barriers (2)


More Stuff:



IMEF: Reggie Van Zandt 80017

Viceroy Enforcers (3) 30029

Starship Generator 80053 #2


Obligatory Fantasy:




Dreadmere wight 44022 

Benedict Baker 

dark elf w/bow 1128

Liriel Silverlocks 2458

DGS games female


Not shown: Blood Nebula Mercenary 49017, Power Generator 72611 (2)-- still in blister packs. 


That gets me to 30-ish, depending on whether I count things like the barriers and crates as single pieces or not.  Still working on getting the last few pieces washed and primed and identified. 



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