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Inarah's Minivember 2021


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Day 8.  Got a reasonable amount of work done today.  Touched up a few spots on these guys, and did the bases.  Tomorrow a few last details and they'll be done. 




Focused time on the two dark elf chicks. The silver and purple is working much better than blue.  Put some more paint on the wight. Don't much care what the figure ends up looking like, it's only going on the table to get killed, so I'm using whatever if leftover on the palette. 




The elves are very close to done, have faces and a few bits to complete. 


These guys.... I dunno.   Tried some highlighting and it came out badly. 




These are the figures I most wanted to paint this month and I'm getting discouraged.  I need to find a look that works and get them done. 


Didn't get a pic but I started a base coat on the HESCO barriers, and started cleaning up one of the Xair bots.  They sure have a lot of mold lines, like cheap plastic crap from China. 


Our weather has been great the past few days and I'm busy spray priming everything I can think of before the cold snap. 





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6 hours ago, Inarah said:


These are the figures I most wanted to paint this month and I'm getting discouraged.  I need to find a look that works …



I wish I had some advice to offer, but robots have been hard for me as well. Actually, any of that sort of flat panel techno-stuff—I have the same problems with miniature spaceships.  


If they are going on a table for a game, like your wight, sometimes it’s helpful to remember that, even if they are key figures, they are still just a detail in the overall look of the table. 

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Thanks, Rob. I don't have too much trouble with large flat surfaces, but these guys have a lot of texture to them.   I went over them all with the TurboDork Blue Steel.  This gives them a better unified look.  Once I get the basing done they should improve again. 




Started a few figures not on my list, at GM's request.  They are wanted for Saturday.  DH printed the tree man last night. 




I started with some brown liner and put a little color on the orcs: 




Finished up details on the troopers. Calling these done: 




That makes 3 finished. 



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Day 10:  Put a coat of Heartwood on the crates after trimming them of flash and defects.  Not the color I expected, I went over these later with Driftwood. 




Finished the two dark elves:  (that makes 5 complete)




Filled in some bits and bobs on these two. 




Making progress on the orcs:




The tree is coming along nicely.  It's going on the table for a one-shot game, so I don't want to spend a ton of time on it, but it is an eye-catching piece so I can't be too sloppy.  So far it is brown liner with successive layers of Rotting Wood and RW mixed with Driftwood.  The leaves (and orc skin) are Gnoll Pelt. 




Also been working on robot bases, and looking at what to start next. 


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Made quite a lot of progress today.  First batch of robots is done: 




Finished the wight and crates:




Finished the orcs:




That puts me at 14 complete.  And I finished the tree (#15) with a little mossy highlighting and some flock and basing: 




Played around with paint color for the starship generators. I want an old fashioned institutional green, I've got 20 bottles of green paint one of them must work.  I mixed a couple and it is too bright. I may try the "sample" shown, but it's brighter than I'm thinking of.  I need a color that says "despair". 




While I had the green out I put camo on this DGS figure: 




Game tomorrow, possibly more painting on Sunday. 





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Moving along today, not exciting, but stuff is getting done.  Liriel is done. (#16) I got some more paint on the HESCO boxes.  Pulled out the hero to start blocking out his super-suit. 




The two generators do look better in the insipid green, especially when applied in a hurried careless way like a low ranking maintenance drone might do it. 


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This afternoon I hunted down some replacement bases for a few of the Enforcers so they'd all match on the table.  Then gave them all a coat of solid white. 




Fiddled around with these.  I think I've done as much as I can to the HESCO barriers. 




Knife girl got some more color on her. 



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Progress this weekend: 




Knife girl got some more paint, I'm going to do her face and she should be done.  Started work on a new barbarian girl figure to be used by one of my group players.  Got basic colors down on her. 




Ink wash on the white robot came out pretty well. Could use a 2nd coat on the back.  Cyborg hero guy is blocked in, green ended up darker than I wanted but it's ok.  Will add some metallic or brighter details.  Painted bases dark grey, they need another coat.  These 4 and the generators are on track to be done by Thursday. 


Scrubbed a couple new figures, including the Blood Nebula Mercenary I wanted to do this month. If weather holds in the mid 50's this week I'll do some spray priming. 


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Finished the generators on Monday night.  Thought about adding some safety decals, but none in my waterslide collection seemed right.  They are good for now.   Knife girl is also finished.  Up to 21. 




This afternoon I added sand to the barbarian base, and put the old man with the moonshine jug on a base.  Painted Benedict Baker and cyber hero's face with brown wash, and threw some extra paint on the armor stand.  Not a lot but every step counts. 





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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

You're doing well, keep up the good work!


I like how the generators came out. Apologies if I missed it, but who makes knife girl?


Thanks.  She's by DGS games.  They make a line of figures for their fantasy adventure and skirmish games. I backed a few of their early crowdfunded projects. 

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