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Inked! How do i make a better consistency?


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Inks are so very vibrant and beautiful!   I have a hard time not buying them at the craft store.  I know i don't need another (resist! ).  My issue in using them is their consistency.  They are so runny!  Not to mention shiny on drying. 


This is a multi question post: 

Note: i use FW Daler inks and liquitex mediums.


1.  Does anyone do anything to their ink before applying it to your figure?  

     * do you put it on a wet palette or side dish palette? 


2.  How can i get that shiny look out?  I am not sure adding matte medium solves it?  


3.  Anyone have color wash recipes they like to keep in a bottle?  Or your own wash recipe in general you love with ink? 

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I use inks, but you need to be careful with them.

Like you say, they're runny but it's ink not paint.

The moment you start adding something to it to keep it from being runny you're mixing it to become some sort of paint and it will lose it's characteristics.


I often use inks over a white basecoat and I dip my brush in the ink, wipe it of a little so no excess, and carefully apply the ink.

Oh..I always use a dish to put my paint or ink on, I use just a drop or two ( Scale 75 Inktense Inks)

While doing this I will always keep the part that I want to ink horizontally and then let it dry.

Hope it will help a bit.


If you don't like the shiny look then don't use inks. Use paints.

The shiny look is why you want to use inks.



I make them myself but not with Ink.

I use paint, a few drops of water and Vallejo Medium to create washes or glazes.


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To kill the shine, just matte varnish your mini after applying inks. AK ultra matt varnish works quite good.
Not every ink is glossy anyway, Green Stuff World make matte ink, also Vallejo are satin instead of glossy.

You may mix ink with mediums, like glaze medium to make a very strong tinting glaze;
You may make washes with them mixing them with water and flow improver (or a touch of dish-wash as @Glitterwolf already said) to avoid staining on flat surfaces;

Also you may use inks heavily diluted as filters;
or you may paint directly with them on a bright primer. 

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FW Daler inks are just high flow acrylic paint. Anything you can do with acrylic paint should be fine with them. Instead of matte medium you can just add a matte additive. It already has medium in it so adding more medium will dilute the pigment. Add something like a heavy body matte medium you'd basically have what you'd consider normal acrylic paint.

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