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Drab in green and red - townsperson


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Ok first of all I wanna say that I really like the outcome, the effect is looking good, but more than shades it looks like red OSL.

When they say to use red to shade green or vice versa is intended both as glaze or mixing the "shadow" color into the base color, and apply it in steps, blending it into the base color.

Also, my advice, for that matter, is to get rid of that color wheel and use a "real color wheel", where the opposite of green, in the subtractive color theory, is Magenta, and not red.
It also may you re-think our (wrong) vision of the primary color to be Red, Yellow and Blue when the real one are Magenta, Cyan and Yellow; Red and blue are secondary colors:
you may obtain Red by mixing Magenta and Yellow, or Blue by mixing Magenta and Cyan.
Try to mix out Magenta: you can't.


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@Glitterwolfyes! You did mention the red AND had an example with that cool bust you did .  Admittedly mine is far from using it the same way, but i will continue exploring further. You gsve me a point in the right direction.  


@Cicciopiugreat info.  i have a ways to go to really get further into the spectrum of colors.  My biggest problem and why colors are so difficult for me is that I'm colorblind.  Not all colors, but a good amount of them are a problem.  This is a big reason why i hate GW paints.  They are abstract names with no "color" name.  Bugman's glow?  If it has a name to indicate some color, i can utilize it much more effectively.  That color wheel is a bit beyond me right now, but I'm going to keep working on this to get there.  I really, really want to get further along.  Good call on the OSL look.  I did not intend for that, but... it gives me a good foundation to try my next one with OSL.  More to come.  Good feedback. 

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    • By R2ED
      I'm going to consider these done.  I'll base another time, but paint wise.. done. 





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      Okay, so maybe he's not smelling his cloak.  But it sure did make a fun alternate for why he's posed like that. 

      I didn't do my normal battle report because i neglected to take photos while i was going.  I'm happy with this guy.  Kept it very very simple.  I'll still have to base him and a little clean up on the cloak, but overall I'm happy with him. 

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      Since i didn't have my paints with me while on break, i was hungry to get back to it.  I guess i wasn't as full of turkey and stuffing as i thought. 

      As I'm posting this, i saw on his left leg that he's got an unpainted seal.  Dang it! 
      I made the bands on the blade smaller. 
      Added more metal details. 
      Added more accent color. 
      Tested two new paint color (silver grey, red. And German Grey). Each did great. 
      His backpack gave me some trouble.  I was gluing it on, but the post didn't push in and then it broke off.  Ended up doing some surgery back the but it's on. 






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      Got another one in this week.  I'm on a roll!
      Still doing my work on these marines looking for a color combo I really like.  I completed Red, Blue, Green, and Black.  I've got 2 more color schemes to test, which are Grey and White.  We'll see in the coming days how much energy I've got for them.
      This one came out pretty good. 

      I still need to base and touch up his sword with more color, but he's pretty much done outside of that.  Enough for me to post in WIP.
      The process was pretty good and I'm learning that these sub-assemblies help a TON in getting to those insanely hard to reach spots.  I took pictures of what the sub assembly looks like just to what my method was and hopefully helps others struggling.  











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      Finished the Paint job on another marine.  I'll need to come up with a cool base.  I planned out this time black, red, yellow, blue colors. 
      Here's the first one of this set up. 

      Here's the purebred. 
      Give me feedback.  If you'd like this black background let me know.

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