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Midknight Heroes chibi succubus

Ganryu Kojiro

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When I was at Reapercon this year a friend asked me to get and paint a chibi for his lady from the Midknight Heroes booth. Well, that ballooned to doing several Christmas gifts for friends and family.


This succubus is going to my sister in law. She asked for a color scheme from Panty and Stocking (a very not safe for work anime I highly recommend) and this is what I came up with.


I'll be posting work in progress shots on the rest of this years chibis here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97154-christmas-chibi-mega-thread/20211024_160229.thumb.jpg.10b9fe07fee12fc3aaf94a23dd26d25a.jpg20211024_160416.thumb.jpg.cd27c7230826e27e166b5c511f990d88.jpg20211024_160405.thumb.jpg.e9d3b3e503f6b0a40ce9fa30a9e27587.jpg20211024_160357.thumb.jpg.ae56abfc16a59bd75aedc0d82454db80.jpg20211024_160313.thumb.jpg.fa00fc9ba0abd781f0583b841bab0737.jpg20211024_160301.thumb.jpg.d881ec4a5c306bf36888ce01f33d501d.jpg20211024_160241.thumb.jpg.361e5ab7ca0a160bbcbd06cca09ffbcb.jpg20211024_160434.thumb.jpg.d7d6a6cfede70f3fb9a15e8ea37f758d.jpg

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10 minutes ago, Iridil said:

Wonderful eyes and love the reds - nice touch giving the base the sky blue for contrast

Credit for that can go to Krystil Pruett's Reapercon entry  https://reapercon.com/static/images/mspopen/4465a.jpg and the sample artwork. Panty and Stocking has some pretty explicit Sailor Moon parody going and the Ms. Pruett's model inspired me to try for that.

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