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Wanted: Kobold Illumination/Elimination Strategy

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I tire of running into kobolds, unannounced and unexpected, when exploring the quaint caverns beneath my manse. I came across this fellow, for instance, discovered only by my flickering torch grazing across its sinister form:






While I appreciate the lovely color of its cloak in the gentle moonlight filtered through the cracks in the aged ceiling overheard, I could not help but wish they had paid more attention to their appearance as the Hold Person spell rooted me in place…


Sorry- it is a slow day so far. I have enjoyed painting this fellow, but I have absolutely no clue on what a reasonable approach would be for all the little chain/skull/nail/stick details on the front. Is the torch lighting on the cloak strong enough that you think it would also wash out the intrinsic colors of those objects? The other thing I struggled with was the transition from moon -> torchlight in the third photo. It feels a little too sudden to me. I am considering glazing over the transition with a purple, but I don’t know what value would be appropriate. Any thoughts, opinions, ideas, or strongly held beliefs? Thanks everyone!

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