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77753 Bryn, Half Elf Rogue

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I just painted one of the Bones 5 kid heroes as a moon elf, and liked the skin recipe so much I decided to paint another elf the same way.


I pulled this one from the Bones 4 core set (Sophie and friends), and turns out it’s Bryn, half elf rogue.


First I wanted her on a standard 1” base, but she has a nice sculpted brick integral base.  I buried it in ApoxieSculpt in an upside down RPG base, and sculpted more bricks to fill in the pattern.




Then I started on the face, basecoated with:

Ritterlich Blue


built up with:

dark elf skin

dusky skin HL / old west rose

pale flesh







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I finished the face and eyes today, and basecoated the hair with blue liner






That was after remixing skin colors today - the darkest is blue liner, then in the bottom left it’s about 1:1:3 blue liner : Ritterlich Blue : dark elf skin.  From there its mixes of dark elf, dusky skin HL, a bit of old west rose, and mostly pale flesh in the bottom right.


Eyes are

Blue liner

Ghost white



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Basecoating to test color schemes

blue liner

desna blue

uegathoa red


I think I like this but need to work it up a little.  I’ll highlight the leather by adding white, and go cooler shadows / warmer highlights on the blue and red.



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