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Bones 5 Kid Hero (1070)


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Thank you so much!

I’m a huge fan of Christine’s work, in case it wasn’t obvious!  The kid heroes, sirens, doxies, fawn/satyr, and Ravenhome vampires are some of my favorites in Bones 5.  It’s hard to choose what to paint next.  I’ll probably do another kid hero - I want to build up a party’s worth of them at least. 

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Thanks everyone!

9 hours ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful skin - wonderful how you made the light play across the face and also really like how the magenta coat turned out and contrasts with the greys


That coat gave me a LOT of trouble!   Every nice vibrant magenta is about as opaque as water.  I had to mix white into every highlight and then did a lot of glazing to get the saturation back up.

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6 hours ago, Peithetairos said:

Great work! Love the skintones and contrast. The eyes are especially well done. Try Kimera Colours Magenta. Extremely vibrant and not translucent at all.

Thanks!  I feel like I should try one more time to adjust the eyes to match a bit better, but it took a lot of tries to get to this point - I’m more likely to make it worse I think.


I’ve been thinking of getting the Kimera set.

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