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Zenithal Priming over Gray?


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Hello Everyone, 

Pretty new painter looking for some advice. I have a Bones Hill gianti that I have base coated entirely in medium grey paint (Citadel Dawnstone). But now I want to Zenithal it. 
Should I

A) airbrush some white from above over the gray letting that be my shadows. 

B) do a regular zenithal over the gray

C) just apply some white over the highlight areas with a drybrush

D) just forget about zenithal on this miniature

Thanks for your attention and any advice you might have.

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Or... option C: use your airbrush with a dark grey or black and shoot up from below.  Another thing you could do is use a wash over it to draw out the shadows while keeping the overall grey color.  


My two cents.


Also, welcome to the forum! 

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