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Halfling Doxy


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5 hours ago, Iridil said:

She is beautiful! I love what you have done with her face and the fabric of her dress - the purse does look beaded - inspiring!


Thank you! I was hoping the purse would look beaded and not just polka-dotted! It is so tiny!!!

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4 hours ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

The beading definitely reads as intended, the feet hair and the color scheme are just awesome! 


Thank you! I gave her feet hair a comb-over! I figured she would brush it and keep it nice and tidy! lol

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6 hours ago, AlonTey said:

So good!  The blonde hair looks realistically blonde and all the colors pop.  Definitely another one for the inspiration folder.


Thank you! The hair is base coated in Auburn Shadow, then I used the Blonde Hair triad, and highlighted with Osirian Sand.

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      I liked this sculpt, was a super fun paintjob :)
      (click on images for better quality)

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      This was my entry in the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Painting Contest. I wanted her to look like she is living in a magical cavern. I had a whole vision for how I wanted her base and I mostly pulled it off. She turned out pretty much how I envisioned her. It took way more work than I anticipated but I learned a whole lot about making scenic bases! I ended up buying a router and having my husband help me create the cave in the side of the plinth.
      She sits on the base so I can still grab her and put her on the table for D&D if I want to. My only issue with her is that she is difficult to photograph! I don't have a good picture of the back.








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      I painted up another ogre matriarch. she is so fun! This is Daisy, aka the Blonde Bombshell!

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      Hi everyone, some of you may have recently seen this guy lurking in the shadow of an alley. 07004, Stitch Thimbletoe the Halfling Thief sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
      I painted it with Reaper’s MSP acrylics and shaded with Citadel inks. I use Vallejo Acrylic Matt Varnish and the base is 3d printed.








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      These are the Deep Gnome Heroes. I love these minis! Their sculpts are so full of personality! I think the girl gnome may have the best face I have painted thus far!






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