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A third version of DesktopHero, this time using last year's TitanCraft as a base. It will include the assets from DesktopHero2, as well as offering new Victorian and Pirate asset packs.

Some of the monsters from TitanCraft weren't as customizable as I had hoped for, but it's still quite impressive. Not as shiny as Hero Forge, but instead of paying for each model, you just purchase the assets.



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48 minutes ago, Venun said:

Interesting. So if my group were to buy the Pirate and Steampunk packs, would we have basic gear options + pirate + steampunk, and can make infinite custom hero's with those packs? or did I misunderstand?

Yes, but you should at least get the fantasy base pack as well.

You can try desktophero3d and titancraftminis for free, but you have to buy the assets to download the STLs, either as a pack or per item. Titan Craft has the better interface, so it's a good idea to merge both sites.

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