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Halloween countdown: Wight remake and Bones Death Shroud


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Been slacking on my minis painting so I decided to try and tackle as many spoopy minis as I could before Halloween ends.


First up tonight, my attempt to make the Heroclix Morbius I slightly did up into a Wight (just painted the purple cloak into red because I'm dumb and forgot red cloak is even more of a Morbius thing, and painted the hair gray). For whatever reason I decided to use colored wight art from 2nd edition that wore a tan tunic and white leg wrappings (AND A PURPLE CLOAK GAH) and 3rd or 4th edition (plaid cloak and trousers) and kind of more or less sorta kinda transfer those colors over to the mini's clothing (minus the plaid because I am NOT manually dexterous enough to freehand that stuff!)...

At first it didn't look very good but then I did a heavy black wash on the cloak and boots and that improved things. I feel like he lost a little something by doing away with all that black.




And then after trying to do up some Heroclix DC monster into a vampire but deciding I didn't like the direction, I moved on to attempt painting some transluscent stuff, namely Reaper's Death Shroud from last year's Ghoulie Bag.

Really no fancy work here. Heavy black wash on the inside of the shroud, clear green for the spectral hands, and then the base was done opaque.


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