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Warhammer Vampire on Zombie Dragon

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Hi all, my next project is to finally paint this big fellow. It is a kit that makes either a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon or a Terrorgheist (something like a giant bat dragon) with optional rider. I have chosen to not glue certain parts so I can use it as both. 





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Thanks! I spent some time researching a basing scheme for this army.


Today I began work on the vampire lord rider. The armor got a base coat of medium red and a wash of Agrax Earthshade, then several dry brushes to pick out the edges of the armor. I also painted the flesh of the two heads and started on the metal of the weapons. 










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Once I got going on this, it seems I couldn't leave it alone. It came together very fast (and it helps that I had more free time this week.) Here is the finished model. The two heads and weapons are pinned so that I can swap them out. Along with the Coven Throne, which I painted several years ago, the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon make the centerpieces of my growing undead army.







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