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Halloween countdown: Bones Shadow, 1-eyed oni, "octoworm horror" and giant mummies!


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Phew, and here I thought I'd be clutch to end on October 31st with all planned minis done. Yet here I am, with only two left on my worktable.


Up first, a "quick-fix" of a Yugioh Heroclix piece into a one-eyed oni warrior. He had a purple katana and bright red hair and boots of the same color, so I did his hair off-white, katana and scabbard in black, boots in dark brown and for an extra touch did his speartip and morningstar ball in blueish silver instead of the blue it originally was.



Next up, four giant mummies from the bucket of monsters by SCS Direct. I don't remember if I asked the seller for four, or if it was a happy coincidence, because four giant mummies is how many Superman fought in the old Fleischer toon The Mummy Strikes, which I've had on VHS since early childhood.

Daton for scale.





Taking a detour into the lovecraftian with another SCS direct toy-turned-into-mini, from their bucket of aliens, this piece I can only call an "Octo-worm Horror". My girlfriend suggested the color scheme but she thought I'd add a purple touch to all the tentacles, not just the long limb-y ones.

He needs two angles because he's such a chimeric creature.





And last, continuing my learning experiences with transluscent, the Bones shadow (which is really more of a specter of some kind but whatevs).

Kinda stuck to what I knew, so I left the hair alone, did over the exposed skin with clear green, heavy black wash over the tattered robes, and capped it all off with some Ghostfire in the eyes and mouth. Honestly, super happy with the end result on that one.


(I originally wanted to do the hair green and leave the skin alone but that was just not looking good so I cleaned everything off and started over, which is why it wasn't finished at the same time as yesterday's Death Shroud)

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