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77047 Goldar, Male Barbarian


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Finished Goldar tonight.


I’ve been trying to improve my NMM, and worked on it here’s. The shoulder and leg armor went pretty well, but I had a hard time with the flat face of the axe.  I tried a pattern that suggests snow diffuse my reflected in the blade but I don’t feel I pulled it off very well.


The eyes are molded really roughly so it was hard to get a good result.  In retrospect I should have taken a few minutes to smooth the eye sockets with a bit of putty - lesson learned.


I like how the skin and armor turned out. I wanted to paint skin with high contrast and it ended up the way I pictured it.










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Another new technique I tried was digital sketching to try things.


I often find myself with some free time away from my desk when I’ll be thinking about a mini I’m painting.


I decided to try digitally sketching to test some ideas before sitting down to paint next.  In this case I wanted to figure out the shoulder armor NMM.


I took a pic of the basecoated shoulder, and sketched a couple of options in Adobe Fresco (free version) on my phone and continued later on an iPad with a stylus.


Here’s the WIP photo:



Sketching steel and gold NMM on the WIP photo in Fresco





I decided to go with the steel, and then just had to paint what I sketched:



This worked out really well.  It let me get down ideas while I’m away from my painting desk, and it was pretty quick and easy to learn.  I’ll be doing this a lot more from now on I think.

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