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"Fish" golem??


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Found this one:




It might work, thou I spaced that the golem's head is a female human. So I'd definitely have to "frankenstein" that print. It'll be awhile till they get to this adventure, 2 full adventures + finish the one they are on, so at least I'll have time to



Hmmm now that I'm thinking about this more (OP was on my break at work this morning). I think I'm gonna use a Bones Deep One, a female head, tentacles from a medium creature & other fishy bits. Once again, I think the Desert Thing from Savage Worlds line up will come in handy for it's tentacles again.

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So I'm looking at the 2 prepainted Saltmarsh packs coming out, figured they might have the fish golem in there, instead they have 1 skum mini, 1!? Ummm, you fight multiples of that creature in that adventure. Good thing there is a freebie stl file of a not-skum out there & from a artist too. They also have a Riptide priest, ummmmm Saltmarsh adventure doesn't have an encounter with that "creature"! Wizards stuck the stats (along with anther creature) in the book cause they were semi-related to the overall adventure....sigh.


Currently, right now about the only mini I really want from those packs is Mr Dory, only due to I can't find anything related to the picture of him.

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