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2021 Painting during the Pandemic (November's Nerdy Needs)

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It is getting close to the end of the year and hopefully the end of the pandemic

What are people planning on painting for the month of November?

  My goals include:

  •  Paint this month's terrain piece
  •  Paint one figure from Marvel United
  •  Paint three figures from my annual box
  •  Paint this month's Mithril miniature


If I have extra time, I plan to work on my shelf o shame minis that have piled up on me this year


Hobby goals for 2021

Painting one piece of terrain each month [On track with 11 ]

Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box ( 3 now)

Painting my Cossack faction for Anno Domini [one down]

Paint some more modern figures for Zona Alfa

Painting one Mithril miniature each month [On track with 11 ]



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Top Posters In This Topic

I’m within striking distance of having all my needs for the first three Rangers of Shadowdeep missions, so my first goal is to finish that off (which is more basing than painting). 


After that, I’m working on my 1/72 scale fantasy campaign forces, so a couple of stands of that would be good; especially if it turns out to be orcs or elves, as neither has a fieldable force yet.


I’m working on a DBA ancient Bronze Age Nubian army, with two stands of the sixteen planned completed so far.  Some more of that would be good, too.


As a stretch goal, I have had 7 old Broadsword Miniatures rangers done for a couple of years, and recently acquired four more.  I’d like to make a unit of 12 by completing them, and then giving them the choice of a sensibly dressed sorceress or a saber-toothed tiger mascot for a 12th figure.

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Still rolling along with Battletech. I'm working on 2 forces of 60 mechs as a primary focus. I've bought or printed all except 4 which I have stls of. Paint an hour or two every day but haven't even counted how many I've finished. One force (red) needs 1 mech and is all base coated with a bunch finished. Grey force has a few finished and a lot primed. Could finish the printing part in a day or two but got side tracked by my 15 year old's project. 


#2 son's been thinking of making a table top version of Deep Rock Galactic an FPS video game where dwarf miners fight bugs and dig up stuff. A year ago we printed a few minis that the boys had converted from the actual game files. The last week he got excited about it again and started coming up with rules. So We started working on getting models made which had me doing a lot of test prints to tweak my 3D printer to get higher quality. He's fussier than me and some of the minis are the kind that don't work well on an fdm printer. I'm actually very impressed with what we've been turning out for him. Now I'm trying to get a good profile set up for a 1mm nozzle to print terrain fast. We played a couple of test games yesterday and his older brother said they captured the feel of the video game. Fun but need more tweaking.


So plans for the month, keep painting Battletech and maybe expand into printing vehicles and infantry or that and help the kid with his game.

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Mostly I am writing this month, aiming for 30k words - ie 1/2 a novel. 

I have a handful of bones that I want to do for the RCL, and I need to figure out if I want to pull the trigger on the nativity set from reaper.    

my wife mentioned wanting it for a Christmas decoration, but I think it should be done at least 10 days before the holiday … 


let’s say 5 human sized , and the dragon bust 

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Okay pulled the trigger on the Nativity set.  

Spent more of today than I need too painting the dragon bust.  I fell in love back when I saw the Resin one being given away in VIP reapercon bags. 

it is just a lot of fun to paint.  and it is going to be beautiful when it is done, and purple.  so thats Beauty and Whimsy taken care of - totally failing on the speed. 

(beauty, whimsy and speed  are my art goals / mission statement) 


also painted for a stretch on a golem (Trio RCL figure) 


Revised goals: 

Stone Golem.






work on dragon bust. 


yeah this was supposed to be a light painting month.  right. 

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…in fact, I guess I’m trying for Minivember.  I’ve gotten my nine zombies painted for Rangers of Shadowdeep (in a deliberately subdued color palette), a stand of medieval horse archers (2), and a couple of Bones 5 twig blights done (except a final varnish coat). I have a couple of stands of orcs and a second city militia stand on the desk in progress, plus a selection of trolls for the 1/72 gaming.


My brother keeps teasing me about my Reaper goblin carolers, so perhaps I will get them out and started as well, so that I have some sort of minimal non-specific Winterfeast village finally displayed.

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On 11/1/2021 at 7:13 PM, strawhat said:

It may be foolishly optimistic of me, but:

  • Finish the Merfolk
  • Finish Tyrants of Lothal
  • HeroQuest?!

Which are the exact same goals as last month.  But I'm almost there on the merfolk (honest).


Mid-month Update:

  • Merfolk are done (finally)!  I put the gloss coat on them Thursday night.  Strawbonnet was over for a little bit Friday night and this morning: she approves, although she questioned my style choice about the eyes.  Pictures will be coming soon.
  • Tyrants of Lothal has received progress.  Thrawn and Hondo were both nearly done last year when I stopped working on them in order to finish another project.  They are now actually done.  I made a couple touch-ups to Thrawn Friday and finished Hondo Saturday.  On to Zeb, Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan (and a complete set of Imperial Assault).
  • It's looking like I won't actually be starting HeroQuest this month given my usual painting speed (slow-to-glacial).  But there's always a chance.  I actually need to get a couple more colors of craft paint (the furniture and scenery will get craft paint, the monsters and heroes will get the good Reaper stuff).  I feel that there will be much dry-brushing in my near future.
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