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7 hours ago, SGHawkins09 said:

Today was the deadline to mail out and I am pleased to say most of you have shipped your gifts out. Thank you for that! 


Thank you for organizing this, keeping track, checking in, and making sure we're all on the ball! I love the exchanges and appreciate you doing this for us!

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12 hours ago, Auberon said:


Nope, she arrived in one piece. Thanks again.


Can you show pictures of what was in the package?? It's good to know you could use the box, but I'm missing words on the package xD
Plus the teaser of 'wings' and 'sophie' makes me very intrigued to see what you got! 😄 

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11 hours ago, Venun said:

Can you show pictures of what was in the package?? It's good to know you could use the box, but I'm missing words on the package xD
Plus the teaser of 'wings' and 'sophie' makes me very intrigued to see what you got! 😄 


I don't keep a photobox set up so it will be a bit, unless @SamuraiJack took a few before he shipped it.

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My morning started early with a text message from the Fed Ex man asking me the number of my unit. Oops! I didn't mind because it meant my delivery was on the way! He messaged back that he would be here around lunchtime!


Just after noon, he showed up with my Secret Sophie package!


@Inarah, thank you so very much! The Russell Stovers almost made me cry! It was like a hug from home! I am so excited about the hot cocoa! Your choice of candy is very good! I have already eaten a couple pieces!


The handmade bag....WOW! I love it! So cute! The halfling cooks and gravestones will for sure be painted! The gravestones can go straight into my cemetery and the cooks...well, I can see them running a tavern in one of the Hobbit villages or maybe they have opened a specialty cafe in a big city! My players will love them!


Then, last but certainly not least, the painted minis. I took out the elf mage first. He is awesome! I love the bag of scrolls on his back and his cloak blowing in the wind. The cleric is gorgeous! She is painted in some of my favorite colors. Her purple armor is gorgeous and I love how her teal cloak is shaded with purple. Her shield has a pegasus on it. They are beautiful! I will have to take better photos!


Ok, I know I am going on and on but not having been able to receive any mail or packages from the US for quite some time, I appreciate this so much! 

Here are my unboxing photos!





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52 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

@Pochi box received!  Post office said i asked them to hold it yesterday which means i think they forgot to put it on the truck..  lots of stuff to unpack after i get back from dinner!

Yay! I can't wait for you to open it! I hope everything survived!!

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23 hours ago, Pochi said:

Yay! I can't wait for you to open it! I hope everything survived!!


The Loop on the ornament was detached but it was otherwise fine.. it went back on and glue should fix it.. 


the chocolate and cookie broke up a bit

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Just got the package from my Secret Sophie!  Very cute metal bard mini painted up very colorfully.  I don’t think I’ve seen this mini before.


There’re some cool older minis in the box I didn’t know existed and useful stuff for D&D - the stirges are great, I can definitely use that gloom stalker, and that Mephisto is very nice. I didn’t know that mini existed.  The storm giant is awesome too.


I’m not sure what my Sophie’s forum name is, but thanks!






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1 hour ago, buckyball said:

Any word on a Summer Exchange?


Life is a little crazy for me right now and I am not sure if I will be able to organize one this year. If I am able to, I will probably start signups sometime next month.

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      Second, my wife wears holiday pins everyday for the month of December.  She even wears a pair of pins on occasion.  She has too many to fit into 25 days.
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      Voila, John McClane in the vents of the Nakatomi Building. You might have seen some ornaments around the 'net.
      Here are some pics as well as my wife sporting the pin today.

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