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What are the two triads in Reaper Fast Palette: Fantasy Flesh - Dark Skin (Dark Skintones) sku 09910?

Wolf Munroe

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The product listing for Reaper Fast Palette: Fantasy Flesh - Dark Skin (Dark Skintones) sku 09910 indicates it is out of stock. 

I'm guessing it's a repackage of a pair of existing triads, but I don't know that.  Its product listing page doesn't list what paints are included in the set. 

I'd guess it includes the Dark Skin Tones triad (09714), but if that much is right, that's only half the set, so what's the other half?  

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Dark Skin Tones (09714) contains the following paint colors:

09040 - Dark Shadow

09041 - Dark Skin

09042 - Dark Highlight


There is rumor that some of the colors may be changing in a merger with Bones colors. That has not been officially confirmed by anyone that I know as of yet, and I have no idea if that really will take place. We will strive to keep the Reaper paint offerings available in a coherent and easy to navigate manner on our website. You can view the triad AND the individual colors that make up that triad at this web page: https://darkhorsehobbies.com/reaper-master-series-paint-msp-core-color-triads/master-series-paints-dark-skin-tones-triad-pack-12251.html

If you click an individual color link in the triad banner, you can return to the triad by clicking the "Click Here to Purchase these paints together" graphic to the right on the page below the MSP Core Colors logo on the description banner under the product images. Just look for a box with the three colors inside it for the link back to the triad.

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