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Copper Wire for Wet Palettes


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Sorry to necro this post but I think what I have to say is relevant. 


My Game Envy palette finally started to get moldy and smelly after long use.  I figure whatever the have in their sponge to fight mold probably washed out over multiple uses.  


Since I would have to buy a sponge anyway I thought I'd get a bit aggressive with a bleach solution and see what happened.  According to Google searches for household cleaning 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water is used.  They recommend washing the area and letting it air dry (no rinse) to kill mold.  I used this bleach soltuion and soaked the sponge.  In a couple of hours all of the black spots were bleached out.  I wrang out the sponge and left it air dry over night.  It looks new and doesn't smell.  I didn't notice any degridation to the sponge but over time I assume it will break down the sponge.


In anycase, this lets me use the sponge a little longer while I wait for PAX Unplugged next month.  Game Envy has a booth there so I'm hoping I can get a new sponge to keep in reserve there.

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